Blue Punisher: Exact cause of death of 13-year-old unclear

A month after the drug-related death of a 13-year-old from Altentreptow (Mecklenburg Lake District), the exact cause of death is still unclear.

As a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday, the toxicological investigations, which are necessary for an exact clarification, are still ongoing. The 13-year-old died in a clinic at the end of June after taking a Blue Punisher ecstasy pill. It is still to be clarified whether only one substance or several led to the death of the young people.

Investigations into the suspected drug dealer are ongoing

According to the family, there will be a public farewell event for the girl in Altentreptow this Friday. Afterwards, colorful balloons will rise at the Großer Stein, a youth meeting place. The Neubrandenburg “Nordkurier” had previously reported about it.

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After the girl’s death, an arrest warrant was issued against a 37-year-old who, according to the Neubrandenburg district court, is said to have given narcotics to minors in the region in two cases. No arrest warrant was issued against a 17-year-old for lack of a reason for his arrest (e.g. risk of absconding). The police initially arrested four suspects. The investigations are still ongoing. (dpa)

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