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At the “Trau Dich!” in Stuttgart they were a big hit: VR films. What was previously known mainly from Hollywood productions and tech giants like Google is now also available for private use. A company from Böblingen makes it possible and transforms the most beautiful day in life into three-dimensional images.

The future belongs to virtual reality

Goldman Sachs, the world-renowned investment banking and securities trading company from the USA, sees enormous future potential for VR. The experts predict that the revenues from the VR sector could even overtake the TV market by 2025.

Can we all soon immerse ourselves in the three-dimensional cosmos, and at affordable prices? The development is still in its infancy, but Baden-Württemberg is leading the way with a pioneering role. For example, the state promotes VR learning concepts and donates around 1.8 million euros for them.

Numerous companies in the region have also picked up the VR trend and are also making it accessible to private consumers. A Böblingen company came up with a great idea: They create three-dimensional video reports of the most beautiful day in one’s life.

The bride’s dress seems close enough to touch thanks to the 3D effect. A great deal of attention is paid to detail: close-ups of the greeting cards, moving pictures of the couple and the guests with bright eyes and smiling faces, bird’s-eye view shots for impressive impressions – these videos are real masterpieces and, thanks to their three-dimensional effect, something that can be compared to a photo album.

This is what the future of VR could look like very soon

The VR options for private users are still much more limited, which is mainly due to the prices for the glasses and other features. But that could soon change, because companies are working flat out on practicable and inexpensive solutions. In the future, it could be possible for customers of the Swedish furniture store to be able to plan their kitchens more clearly in three dimensions and to scale, for example, from the comfort of their own home using VR technology.

It is already possible at Audi in selected showrooms to experience car configurations true to the original and to sit in a three-dimensional virtual vehicle even before ordering. Other industries are also taking advantage of 3D to offer their users an even more immersive experience. In the future, football fans will no longer have to go to the stadium and can still be right in the middle of it and on the sidelines. With the help of VR technology, everyone becomes a digital coach and can cheer on the team from a close-up perspective.

The three-dimensional experience can also revolutionize the book and greeting card industry. If you want to read a favorite story in the future, you can go directly to the individual pages in Alice-in-Wonderland-style and maybe discover some 3D secrets behind them. This gives illustrators and storytellers a new way to interact with their audience and literally draw them into the story.

VR technology can also break new ground in the design of birthday and wedding cards. It is often easy to imagine the desired motif in one dimension. How about turning the cards from all sides and examining them up close? In this way, the selected flower motifs can not only be simply viewed, but also intensively admired with all their colorful splendor. Perhaps the 3D cards can also be sent directly in the future to give the recipient a unique experience of discovering the greetings.

Such intense experiences are already possible in the gaming industry. For example, players can explore old vaults, walk in almost real-looking gardens and “touch” the digital flowers or indulge in the illusion of other worlds.

In the meantime, the three-dimensional trend has also arrived in the fitness industry. Move playfully without having to leave your own four walls – games like Racket NX (a squash-like game) and Co. make this possible. Above all, dancing movement games are in, not only among young players. More and more adults also like to move in a three-dimensional space to the beat and, for example, to hunt for points and work on their fitness at the same time.

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