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Green plan: Tenants should produce electricity on the balcony

Updated: 04/28/2023, 21:00

Mini solar system: Own electricity from the balcony and terrace // IMTEST

Mini solar system – own electricity from the balcony and terrace // IMTEST

With a mini solar system, electricity can be generated from the balcony. And often without registering or going to the authorities! IMTEST reveals what needs to be considered.

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According to the Greens’ plan, tenants should be given the right to install a solar system on their balcony. This way you can save a lot of money.

The Greens want to massively simplify the installation and operation of balcony or plug-in solar devices. That should be done this year building rights be changed in such a way that in future tenants will have the right to install solar systems on their balconies.

In an impulse paper that is available to this editorial team, the party proposes that the maximum size of plug-in solar systems be increased from 600 watts to the maximum of 800 watts possible under European law. In this way, up to ten percent of the annual electricity requirement could be covered by a own solar device to be produced. In addition, the registration with network operators and in the market master data register, which was previously complex for small systems, is to be greatly simplified and summarized.

Balcony solar systems: Greens Vice: want to clear building law

Julia Verlinden, deputy parliamentary group leader of the Greens, said: “We will therefore regulate this year that in future everyone – regardless of whether they are homeowners or tenants – will be entitled to have their own plug-in solar system installed. This also applies to the rented balcony. To do this, we will streamline the existing building law significantly and eliminate waste and so on uncomplicated operation of balcony or plug-in solar devices.”

she further said Renewable energy is the best insurance against rising energy costs. Verlinden promised: “In the future, everyone will be able to save money with the help of wind and sun.”

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