Bolsonaro distrusts Anderson Torres’ loyalty oaths

Anderson Torres, former Secretary of Security for the Federal District and former Minister of Justice and Public Security in the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), has been arrested since January 14th after coup-mongers invaded the headquarters of the Three Powers on January 8th. January, while Torres, still Secretary of Security for the DF, traveled to the United States.

Despite Bolsonaro’s former minister having said that he has no intention of making a plea bargain, the columnist for UOL Tales Faria found out and stated during the program News Analysis that the possible denunciation is a fear on the part of the ex-president and his allies.

Bolsonaro distrusts the oaths of loyalty of the troubled Anderson Torres. Tales Faria

According to the investigation of the columnist of the UOL, Torres would have sent a message that he had no intention of making the award-winning delation through intermediaries—he is very close, especially to Flávio Bolsonaro and Eduardo Bolsonaro. The former president and his children, however, are suspicious of the fulfillment of the promise. The main reason for the mistrust is the fact that Torres removed lawyer Rodrigo Rocca from his defense team, who has already publicly expressed his opposition to plea bargains.

Tales also listed 10 reasons why Anderson Torres is in trouble and, therefore, raises suspicions that he may make a denunciation:

As DF Security Secretary, he took a vacation and left Brazil on the eve of the invasion of Congress, the Planalto Palace and the headquarters of the STF (Superior Federal Court);

Torres traveled to Florida to meet with Bolsonaro, whom he faithfully served as Minister of Justice after the president removed Sergio Moro from the portfolio;

Before traveling, Torres dismissed the entire command of the Military Police, which had done a good job seven days earlier in securing the Esplanada dos Ministérios during Lula’s (PT) inauguration as president;

Still as DF Security Secretary, Torres appointed an absolutely inexperienced team to command the Military Police, which was poorly informed about previous surveys by the intelligence sector;

Ibaneis Rocha, governor of the DF, declared in court that he was informed by Anderson Torres that everything was calm in Brasilia on January 8;

The Federal Police discovered the draft of a decree that would be edited by Bolsonaro to annul the election result in a closet in Anderson Torres’ house;

Anderson Torres stated that he had received the draft from his secretary, but in a statement to the PF she denied that she had put her hand on the document and handed it to Torres;

A PF investigation points out that the intelligence sector of the Ministry of Justice, under the command of Torres, carried out a detailed survey of the places where Lula received the most votes in the 1st round, especially in the Northeast;

This survey served to subsidize road blocks by the PRF (Federal Highway Police) during the voting in the 2nd round of the elections;

Torres traveled to Bahia to ask for support from the Federal Police Superintendence of Bahia in the PRF’s action during the 2nd round of elections.

sly message. According to Tales, the message not to make an accusation sent by Torres to Bolsonaro and his allies is a “sly message”. The columnist of UOL questioned whether this was really a message or a threat, saying that there is no security for the Bolsonarist core in Torres.

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