Bolsonaro is already preparing to testify at the CPI of the coup acts

Interlocutors of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) told the column that he is already preparing for the possibility of being summoned to testify at the mixed CPI of the coup acts of January 8, created this week in the National Congress, and even to try to use testimony politically.

The opposition will try to use the commission to bring the government to the center of investigations after the video was revealed of former GSI (Institutional Security Office) minister General Gonçalves Dias walking down the corridor of the Planalto Palace and, minutes later, accompanied by invaders and indicating the location for the stairs of the building. In a statement to the PF, the minister claimed that he carried out “crisis management” and, therefore, did not arrest the invaders.

The goal of Bolsonaristas is to try to “change the narrative” about January 8th. Internally, members of the PL admit that the vandalism caused a lot of wear and tear and that the general’s video allowed the opposition to share responsibility for the episode. Therefore, Bolsonaro needs to prepare to be targeted since he is also involved in the investigation of the case in the PF. On Thursday (26), he gave testimony to the PF about the video and said that the posting occurred accidentally because he intended to share the video with himself on WhatsApp, to watch later, but ended up posting it on Facebook.

The government, on the other hand, is preparing to present at the CPI the entire line of investigation that is already being conducted by the PF. The draft of the coup found in the house of Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Justice and former DF Security Secretary Anderson Torres, in addition to other evidence that points to Bolsonaro and his allies as those responsible for encouraging the attack on the buildings of Praça dos Três Powers on January 8.

With a period of 180 days, the mixed CPI should be installed next week. The expectation is that a deputy will be the president and the rapporteurship will be with a senator.

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