Bolsonaro lives a criminal plot simultaneous to that of his idol

A cheap imitator of Donald Trump, Bolsonaro was rewarded by fate with the possibility of plagiarizing his American model in a criminal plot as well. This Tuesday, Trump appears in court in Manhattan to be booked and photographed as a defendant in the case of bribery of porn actress Stormy Daniels. Just 24 hours later, Bolsonaro will be questioned at the Federal Police as investigated in the Saudi jewelry case.

It is as if the myth shared with the idol a laboratory experiment, a stress test. Thrown into a tank of dirty water, Bolsonaro and Trump displace their masses and their idiosyncrasies in the liquid in the same counterclockwise direction. The movements denounce a desire to go back in time. The captain and the tycoon struggle in the mud in the same way. The difference is that the imitator sinks more easily.

Trump says he is suffering a “witch hunt”. Bolsonaro declares himself “persecuted”. US law allows Trump to maintain his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race even as a defendant. Succession in Brazil is still a distant point in the 2026 calendar. And Bolsonaro may be declared ineligible by the TSE this semester.

Polls reveal that fake victimization momentarily strengthens Trump’s electoral standing. He has the support of more than 50% of Republican voters who will choose their candidate for the White House in the primaries. Bolsonaro’s PL, adapting to the idea of ​​ineligibility, tries to make him at least one wronged electoral supporter in the 2024 municipal elections.

The connection between Bolsonaro and Trump, previously restricted to ideology and methods, has widened. Outside the Planalto and the White House, the two became collectors of lawsuits. They will cohabit the political-police headlines for a long time. The news is that the impersonator costumeironically, lost his usefulness to Bolsonaro.

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