Bolsonaro will have to explain to the STF why he encouraged a coup

With the country still perplexed by a horde of Bolsonaristas who invaded, vandalized and robbed the Planalto Palace, the National Congress and the STF, on January 8, Bolsonaro encouraged violence among his followers, posting on Facebook two days later, content that promoted scamming. As a result, Minister Alexandre de Moraes determined, this Friday (14), that he be heard in the Federal Police inquiry that investigates the intellectual authors of the coup acts at the request of the Attorney General’s Office.

The summons took a while, but it finally came. Ironically, it was based on the publication of a video that was clearly a wrong decision, probably by Carluxo, her father’s social media strategist. The PGR believes that Jair may have “incited the perpetration of crimes against the rule of law”.

For in previous weeks, the then-president had been careful to avoid publications on his personal accounts that produced evidence that he was inciting violent protests against democracy. He had even fled to the United States, on December 30, so as not to be held responsible for the coup acts planned for nine days later.

The post on the night of January 10, despite the cowardice of having been deleted hours later, was an explicit message to his flock considering the context we were in: go ahead! But as the Three Powers and society came together to give a strong response to what happened, the message flopped.

The video showed part of an interview with Bolsonarist Felipe Gimenez, one of the Mato Grosso do Sul attorneys, spreading the common lie that the election was rigged and that the electronic voting system is unreliable. In Bolsonaro’s post, the caption stood out: “Lula was not elected by the people, he was chosen and elected by the STF and TSE”.

This type of speech was exactly the same that guided thousands of Bolsonaristas to invade, vandalize and rob the headquarters of the three powers on Sunday (8).

Three months later, Jair Bolsonaro’s defense is kneeling before TSE ministers in search of clemency as his ineligibility looms on the horizon. They go so far as to say that the court has a “loyal and institutionally united stance with the genuine protection of democracy”, as the Folha de S.Paulo panel found.

Pure peroba oil. For years, Jair spread the word that the electronic voting machines were corrupted and manipulated in the name of Lula, used technicians from the Armed Forces to try to cast doubt on the fairness of the court, transformed the heads of the TSE (Luís Roberto Barroso and, later, Alexandre de Moraes) in targets of his flock, he placed foreign ambassadors in a kind of “enclosure” to attack the Brazilian electoral system. He armed his followers through decrees. He called on everyone to take up arms.

He therefore fomented a coup d’état. And, after it happened, he published a video, restating everything he had said.

An investigation is underway to find out who financed, who organized and who idealized the coup acts. In addition to Bolsonarist businessmen and political allies of the former president, the paths are pointing to Jair. And, as I said here shortly after the video was made public in January, publishing it would help the investigators a lot.

At a time when Brazil needed pacification, Bolsonaro’s post added more gasoline to the fire. The former president will victimize himself in the face of this, which is what he does best. But even he has to learn one day that whoever plays with fire eventually gets scorched.

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