Bolsonaro will need to play two roles: strong leader and weak victim – 03/29/2023

Bolsonaro teamed up with allies and with the owner of the Liberal Party, Valdemar Costa Neto, to transform the scene of his return from three-month exile in Florida into a rally. It was estimated that at least 10,000 devotees would attend the Brasília airport. Two measures poured water into Bolsonaro’s beer on the eve of his arrival, scheduled for this Thursday morning.

In one, the government of the Federal District imposed a rigid and restrictive security system on disembarkation. Police barriers will limit access to the airport. Bolsonaro will leave the arrivals area through a side exit. The live transmission in which the captain would be shown on social networks was inhibited, walking through the main lobby to the sound of the chorus of “myth”.

In another initiative, the Federal Police pushed Bolsonaro to the defensive by scheduling his testimony in the inquiry into the Saudi jewels for next Wednesday. The novelty will force the former president to diversify his theatricality, embodying two characters with conflicting profiles: the strong captain and the weak Bolsonaro.

The strongman will display the muscles of a leader of the national right, willing to denounce the ills and weaknesses of the Lula government. The weakling will pose as a victim, referring to the investigations and lawsuits opened against him as part of a larger plot.

The plot theory should comfort devotees. Either it really is a big conspiracy to embarrass Bolsonaro or the country is facing a fabulous misunderstanding, an impressive sequence of maliciously interpreted coincidences that ended up making an exemplary former president look like a jewel thief.

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