“Bombproof”: St. Pauli celebrates a new second division record with a loud cabin party

Craziness! This FC St. Pauli can hardly be described in words. The Kiezkicker have also won the tenth game in a row and matched the “eternal” second division record of Karlsruher SC from the 1986/87 season. In the second division top game at 1. FC Heidenheim, who were previously undefeated in their own stadium, the Kiezkicker won 1-0 (1-0), inflicted a sensitive defeat on third-placed in the promotion battle and are now only four points behind FCH.

After their coup, the “Boys in Brown” danced exuberantly in front of the guest curve, continued to dance and sing to loud beats in the dressing room, some toasted with beers, then went out onto the lawn again to have the historic threesome again with the fans and fifth away win in a row – and then let it rip in the dressing room.

Marcel Hartel (left) and Leart Paqarada were happy about the 1-0 win in Heidenheim after the final whistle. WEATHER

St. Pauli professionals Hartel and Paqarada are happy about the 1-0 in Heidenheim
Marcel Hartel (left) and Leart Paqarada were happy about the 1-0 win in Heidenheim after the final whistle.

“We’re going to bed sometime today,” said late substitute striker David Otto, who twice had the 2-0 on his foot, which fortunately didn’t take revenge. “But of course we’re going to celebrate now.”

St. Pauli celebrates their tenth win in a row in Heidenheim

Marcel Hartel scored the golden goal – and what a goal! After a throw-in from Leart Paqarada, he cleverly freed himself, got the ball and, after spinning from the air, slammed it into the top left corner (42′). An absolute dream goal.

“We had goal shooting practice on Thursday, so a few flew in,” reported Hartel with a grin. “I was surprised myself. Apparently my foot memorized that.”

Marcel Hartel scores a dream goal and was “surprised” himself

Coach Fabian Hürzeler, who has also won his tenth game as head coach and is still the happy serial winner, joked: “Cello can’t actually shoot at all, that has to be goal of the month.”

The victory of the Kiezkicker, who had to compensate for the loss of defense chief Eric Smith (problems with the hip flexor), was well deserved, but also fortunate. Even a draw would have been fair.

Fabian Hürzeler: “Not a nice football game”

Hürzeler spoke of a “highly intense top game” that was “not a nice football game”. “Many simple mistakes, but still very intense. Then we took the lead out of nowhere and we deserved it in the second half. We still have two or three really good chances to score and we’re defending them very well. I think Heidenheim only got a clear shot on goal once.”

The hosts’ greatest chance – a well-placed shot by top scorer Tim Kleindienst (20 goals this season) – was parried well by St. Pauli goalkeeper Nikola Vasilj (67′). In the 23rd minute, Kleindienst almost took the lead with a dangerous diving header, but was decisively interrupted by Leart Paqarada.

Vasilj parried against Kleindienst, Daschner missed a big chance

Six minutes later, Lukas Daschner had the lead on his feet, could not take advantage of the moment after the giant buck from FCH goalkeeper Müller, who frittered the ball away, and failed with his tunnel attempt.

In the second half, St. Pauli defended superbly, narrowed the space and caused the hosts to despair at times, which was also reflected in the growing displeasure in the stands of the Voith Arena.

Leart Paqarada raves about defensive strength: “Extremely confident”

“It’s just incredible. Except for Kleindienst’s chances, which he normally has when we’re extremely lucky, we defend it really confidently,” said Paqarada. “I don’t have the feeling that someone else could fly in in the 80th or 85th minute. In terms of feeling, we are bombproof.”

In the final phase, the Kiezkicker, who switched to counterattacking, even had two big chances. Substitute David Otto first put the ball in after a sprint over half the field with a powerful left-footed shot from the edge of the penalty area to the crossbar, in added time he appeared free in front of his friend Müller, who thwarted the shot. “I should have taken one of the two chances,” said Otto.

St. Pauli now fighting for promotion? Hartel & Co. don’t want to know anything about it

St. Pauli is on top. However, the series winners do not see themselves in the fight for promotion. “We’ve now come a little closer to Heidenheim,” says Hartel. “HSV won today, it stayed that way. Heidenheim and HSV have to lose first. We have to take care of ourselves and win our games. Next week we have a difficult game against Braunschweig at home. As long as we’re winning the games, we might get close if the others blunder too. Now to talk about ascension is too much of a good thing.”

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The legendary winning streak initially offers enough to talk about – far beyond St. Pauli, Hamburg and the second division.

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