Botafogo beats Flamengo in a Brasileirão game with a Premier League face – 04/30/2023

Botafogo did not beat Flamengo, in Maracanã, for the Brazilian, since 2013.

They haven’t won their first three league matches since 2005, when they were leading in the third round after beating Internacional, Corinthians, Vasco and Atlético Mineiro.

The surprising alvinegra victory overthrew Sampaoli’s strategy, which failed to lose Gérson, with an injury in the warm-up.

Instead of trading him directly for Éverton Ribeiro, he preferred to improvise Ayrton Lucas in the middle.

Strange decisions by the coach of Flamengo. He made a three with goalkeeper Santos in the middle, while Léo Pereira occupied the left side, almost like a lateral, to receive the first pass.

This gave rise to Botafogo’s counterattacks.

After scoring 1-0 on a penalty conceded by Victor Sá, committed by Wesley, Tiquinho almost scored on a recovered ball, with Santos out of the goal. Soon after, at 50 of the second half, came the second goal, by Danilo Barbosa, headbutting a corner kicked by Eduardo.

The second half was transformed with Éverton Ribeiro on the field Flamengo pressed, opened spaces with ´Ribeiro and Gabriel behind the two defensive midfielders. There were ten submissions, four on target, great saves by Lucas Perri, one of the highlights of the match.

Rafael was expelled, Luís Castro got irritated with the delay in making the change and also received a red card, Di Plácido entered the game badly and missed the goal by Léo Pereira. Only after that, Luís Castro managed to reorganize Botafogo, with the displacement of Tchê Tchê to protect Di Plácido and the entry of Marlon Freitas from inside.

Quickly, Tchê Tchê used the right corridor and created the move for Tiquinho Soares to score 3 x 1.

There was time for Léo Pereira to score after two new changes by Sampaoli, Matheus França and Victor Hugo, replacing midfielders Thiago Maia and Vidal.

Lucas Perri was one of the highlights of the match. Others, Adryelson made an impeccable match. Tiquinho Soaes, too. Danilo Barbosa was decisive for the goal and with a ball caught in an attempt to kick Gabibol, already in stoppage time.

Botafogo reaches 12 matches without defeat. Longest undefeated run among all Serie A teams at this point in the season.

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