Brandi Rhodes announces the opening of her own yoga and Pilates studio

Brandi Rhodes will work in the healthcare industry. She has just completed her yoga teacher training and is now ready to do so. Rhodes announced plans on social media Tuesday to open a new yoga and Pilates class. He said the new studio will open in fall 2023. Rhodes also tweeted a picture of her yoga teacher license, which she says she received after studying for over 200 hours.

Rhodes wrote on Twitter, “I finally told everyone what I did on the red carpet last year.” to be opened with face-to-face classes and via an app. The opening will be in autumn 2023, there is much more to offer!”

Brandi Rhodes wants to help moms like her

Rhodes spoke about the global screening of the documentary, Becoming Cody Rhodes, which took place Tuesday night in Atlanta, Georgia, where this week’s show WWE Raw aired. Rhodes, who was there with her celebrity WWE husband, told Denise Salcedo about her new business.

She said her involvement in yoga and Pilates helped her overcome the postnatal sadness she felt after giving birth in 2021. Rhodes said that’s why she wants to help young mothers and others who struggle with worry and stress in their daily lives through both face-to-face and online classes.

Rhodes, the former AEW chief brand officer and WWE in-ring announcer, has stayed out of wrestling since leaving AEW in 2021. The only time she really gets involved is when she’s talking about her husband’s WWE matches on social media.

She opened up about why she left the wrestling business earlier this year. She said that some of her colleagues are jealous of her “position in the industry” and that the mental challenges “taken a lot of the joy out of me”. Rhodes also said that she never felt her time in the wrestling business paid off.

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