Brasileirão remains the championship of the unpredictable – 04/14/2023

What does the Brasileirão have that the Premier League doesn’t?

The most polite answer is: nothing.

But there’s one thing not so brilliant: unpredictability.

It doesn’t have the same technical quality, it doesn’t have the number of stars, nor the money, nor the stadiums that are so crowded, despite having improved in this last criterion in recent years.

It still has unpredictability.

An example is that five of the last six champions lost games or points to relegated. Corinthians lost, in 2017, to Atlético Goianiense, Palmeiras fell to Sport, in 2018, Flamengo drew with Botafogo, in 2020, Atlético fell against Grêmio, in 2021, and Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras debuted losing at home in Ceará, later with a confirmed fall.

Of the last six winners, only Jorge Jesus’ Flamengo did not lose points to a relegated club.

In England, since the second round of 2013/14, when Manchester City were defeated by Cardiff, this has not happened.

The phenomenon of Leicester is difficult to occur in the Brasileirão, this is a surprise in the season. The zebras here are round by round, not in relation to the trophy.

Atlético, Flamengo, Fluminense and Palmeiras are the main contenders for the title. Of course there may be another candidate. It seems more difficult than when Athletico Paranaense was the winner in 2001, São Caetano runner-up in 2000 or Coritiba winner in 1985.

The world has changed and so has the Brasileirão. In the past, Zico, Sócrates, Toninho Cerezo, Falcão, Pelé played here… Today, talents travel to Europe and here are the promises. Many surprises, almost as much as results every weekend.

It’s what the Brazilian Championship has and others don’t have. Young stars discovered, in a surprising way.

And the surprises. Here, the champion loses from the relegated.

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