Braunschweig: Dispute over custody – women hire contract killers

The money was handed over – the shots should hit the heart, mouth and head. A mother and her daughter are said to have hired an acquaintance to kill an ex-boyfriend in Wolfenbüttel. The plan caught on and the two women will soon be on trial.

For the planned murder, there were two photos, the victim’s name, address and shift plan, and a reward of 17,000 euros. A mother and her daughter are said to have commissioned the killing of the younger girl’s ex-boyfriend from an alleged killer in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony. The trial against the two women is scheduled for Wednesday (May 17) at the Braunschweig Regional Court.

Revenge on ex-boyfriend – women forge murder plans

The 69-year-old Iranian and her 41-year-old German-Iranian daughter have been charged with attempted incitement to murder. According to the public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, a custody dispute ensued after the separation. According to the indictment, the two women wanted to prevent the 36-year-old ex-boyfriend from getting custody or visitation rights for a child together.

According to the investigators, the ex-partner should also be punished for hitting his partner and gambling around 100,000 euros from the fortune and never repaying it. All of this led to the plan to kill the two women, according to the indictment. First, the 69-year-old is said to have contacted a 33-year-old acquaintance to clarify the possibility of murder.

Mother and daughter plot to murder daughter’s ex-boyfriend

According to the investigators, the alleged contract killer did not know the potential victim. After the man had apparently signaled his “fundamental willingness to kill someone”, the specific question came up. The 41-year-old is said to have handed over two photos of her ex-partner, a handwritten note with his name and address and his shift plan.

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According to the public prosecutor, the man continued to play along, but informed the police before a meeting on December 2 to allegedly clarify the final details. During the conversation, the 41-year-old accused asked the acquaintance to shoot her ex-partner in the heart, mouth and head. Death would also please the mother, she is said to have said. That was enough for the officers to gain access, and since then the two women have been in custody.

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