Brazilian adopts cat without a paw she found in Albania – 04/10/2023 – Gatices

It was at the door of a supermarket in Albania that Vanessa Wagner met João Augusto, the cat.

The elderly feline was a little dirty and alone, sitting at the entrance to the place. Vanessa, cat lady that she is, approached and patted her. The pussy let it, purred. Then she noticed that he was missing part of his paw.

“At the time, I thought: my God, I need to take him away with me”, he says. But adoption was not immediate.

It was February 7th and she had only been in the country for two days. The influencer went to live there with her husband, the player Pedro Augusto, who was transferred from Serra Macaense Futebol Clube, in Rio de Janeiro, to the Albanian team Egnatia.

Pedro, who had gone with her to the market, asked his wife not to act on impulse and to think about it. After all, they had just moved.

The couple returned home, but Vanessa couldn’t get the cat out of her mind.

The next day, she returned to the market and the pussy was in the same place. The influencer asked the people who work there if he had an owner. As they said no, she took the feline with her.

Vanessa took João to the vet to get a vaccine and a vermifuge, but the professional couldn’t answer if he was born without part of his right front paw, or if he suffered an amputation. She just said he was in good health.

“We live in Vlorë. Here in the city, the veterinary clinics are very simple. I intend to take João to Tirana, which is the country’s capital, to make an appointment at a veterinary hospital that has more resources”, he says.

When observing the animal’s teeth, the influencer noticed that he is elderly. And, despite having lived on the streets for a long time, he has already adapted to the routine of the house. After all, it’s easy to get used to changes when there’s a lot of love involved.

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