Brazilian kids fighting dengue fever, Kingston’s historic rent reduction, mobile oral surgeon

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Brazilian kids fight dengue fever with modified mosquitoes, Kingston passes a historic rent reduction law, and a mobile oral surgeon helps rural Americans.

Brazilian kids breed modified mosquitoes to limit spread of dengue fever

Residents, including children, of the Complexo da Maré area, are breeding mosquitoes infected with a bacteria called Wolbachia which limits the spread of bloodborne disease.

Source: positive news

Kids whose parents receive guaranteed income have better quality of life

An Austin guaranteed income program is having results. Parents feel less stressed which improves family stability, with positive knock-on effects for young children in particular.

Source: The Hechinger Report

Kingston passes historic 15% rent reduction law

Kingston, in New York State, has passed a law cutting rents by 15%. The move comes as a result of a tenant union actively presenting the legislation to combat rent hikes in the city.

Source: Independent

New US law limits use of NDA’s in workplace sexual harassment cases

The Speak Out Act stops companies from being able to use NDA’s to silence employees and former employees during workplace sexual harassment cases.

Source: 19th News

Israel and Jordan work together to protect the Jordan river

The two nations will cooperate with wastewater treatment and upgrade sewer systems to help save the Jordan river.

Source: AP News

Student unions help post-graduates negotiate from a position of strength

Graduate students from the University of Boston have formed a union to help combat exploitative workplace practices. They seek to pressure lawmakers and businesses into providing a living wage.

Source: Prism Reports

A battery built using CO2 is entering the US market

Italian startup Energy Dome has developed a battery that stores energy using processed CO2. It offers a greener alternative to lithium batteries and is soon to be in use in the US.

Source: Electrek

The Netherlands installs solar panels that follow the sun

Utilizing the many canals and waterways of their country, the Netherlands is upgrading its water-borne solar panels with the ability to follow the sun throughout the day.

Source: BBC

The Florida community building disaster-resistant neighborhoods

A non-profit is building cheap housing designed to survive extreme weather. The houses are built on poles to avoid the surge of floodwater during a hurricane.

Source: Nexus News Media

This undersea art installation targets illegal trawlers

An Italian fisherman has installed an underwater sculpture that ensures illegal bottom trawling fishing boats. The installation protects the local undersea flora.

Source: Wired

A mobile oral surgeon helps rural Americans

Often small-town residents have very limited access to important dental surgery like wisdom tooth removal. dr Cameron Lewis travels from town to town in the northeastern United States, helping communities with oral surgery.

Source: The Daily Yonder

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