Brazilian who died after falling from a building in Argentina used several drugs, points out exam

According to a document, Emmily Rodrigues consumed alcohol and used cocaine, marijuana and other synthetic drugs before dying.

Emily Rodrigues

Emily Rodrigues

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Brazilian Emmily Rodrigues, 26, consumed alcohol and used cocaine, marijuana and other synthetic drugs before falling from the sixth floor of a building in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and dying on March 30 of this year. The information is contained in a document from the Laboratory of Toxicology and Legal Chemistry obtained by the news agency screen and published this week.

According to the publication, the study points out that Emmily had a gram of alcohol in her blood and traces of cocaine. The latter was also found in the nostrils. In the analysis of the bile, cocaine and ketamine were detected. Already in the urine of the Brazilian, there were concentrations of marijuana, cocaine, ketamine and MDMA. The document also indicates that there was no semen in the young woman’s body.

Both businessman Francisco Sáenz Valiente, owner of the apartment where Emmily fell and the main suspect in her death, and other witnesses admitted that they had consumed alcohol and drugs that night. In testimony, Valiente said that the Brazilian had a psychotic break and threw herself.

The lawyer representing the Brazilian’s parents, Ignacio Trimarco, told the agency that these studies confirm the Public Ministry’s first hypothesis, that is, that the businessman would have supplied drugs to Emmily. “This confirms that Valiente does not consume almost anything he gives to Emmily and the other girls, as his toxicology only gives cocaine.”

“The supply of drugs to us is proven and the outcome of the death is what is being investigated”, said the lawyer. The professional also maintained that “there are many elements that corroborate that it was not a suicide”. The family believes that the young woman may have been the victim of femicide.

businessman was released

Francisco Sáenz Valiente, 52 years old, suspected of killing Emmily, was held in custody for about 20 days, but was released on April 19 for lack of evidence.

According to the newspaper clarion, his lawyer, Rafael Cúneo Libarona, said that “the Justice continues to investigate the episode, but not Francisco, who was released, although he still has a charge”. He was accused of aggravated homicide for femicide, illegal possession of a weapon and supply of narcotics.

As the lawyer points out, in cases like this, the quality of the evidence already found is taken into account. “The testimonies of the girls who were at the scene of the crime were very important, they show that Emmily had been consuming drugs, alcohol and that she had an outbreak. One of them, at 8 am, says: ‘I’m going home because that girl scares me’ . So then we tested the psychotic break,” he explained.

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