Brazil’s indigenous minister, fast-food revolution, crackdown on ‘puppy mills’

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Brazil will have first Indigenous female chief for key role

Sônia Guajajara wants to oversee a new Ministry of Indigenous Peoples in a ‘historic moment of reparation in Brazil.’ According to Human Rights Watch, the previous government, led by Jair Bolsonar, threatened indigenous rights.

Source: The Associated Press

Ban on single-use restaurant tableware hailed as fast-food ‘revolution’ in France

McDonald’s and other chains race to replace throwaway wrappers with reusable cutlery and plates before dining deadline.

Source: The Guardian

Household waste to fuel planes in the UK

The UK government has provided funding for five environmental projects. The effort is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate thousands of green jobs.

Source: BBC

New York to ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits

New York has joined the list of states that prohibit the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores. The law, which goes into force next year, aims to tackle commercial breeding businesses that have been dubbed ‘puppy mills.’

Source: The Associated Press

Scientists develop remarkably cheap sea salt batteries

The new battery has been hailed as a significant breakthrough for the development of renewable energy as it is low-cost and can hold 4 times as much as lithium.

Source: Euronews

Battery swapping sparks e-motorcycle boom in Kenya

The bulk of at least one million motorcyclists in Kenya use motorbikes with highly polluting combustion engines. To shift the country’s emission trajectory, startups have established swapping stations to spark an e-motorcycle revolution.

Source: Reuters

‘A small but mighty role’: local farms give low-cost access to healthy food

Community-supported agriculture programs offer sliding-scale shares to customers who can choose their payment level.

Source: The Guardian

The talking books disseminating HIV information in South Africa

Solar-powered devices are bringing life-saving knowledge to people in remote areas, where access to the internet or clinics is limited.

Source: The Guardian

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