Breast cancer vaccine, high school recovery, retirement on campus, buildings made of mushrooms

Breast Cancer Research

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a new breast cancer treatment is about to emerge, seniors retire on college campuses, and an affordable housing project uses mushroom architecture.

Experimental vaccine could combat breast cancer

University of Washington researchers have seen promising results in the first phase of human trials for a DNA-based vaccine against breast cancer. The vaccine is now in phase two trials.

Source: Thread

Denver high school helps teens stay sober

5280 High School — the only recovery high school in Colorado — helps students struggling with addiction recover in between lessons.

Source: KUNC

Retirees move into at Arizona State University

The senior living community fosters intergenerational learning and challenges ageist stereotypes on Arizona State University’s campus.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Oakland affordable housing project grown from fungi

A 300-unit affordable housing complex is the first to test architect and professor David Benjamin’s mushroom buildings on a large scale.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

French energy workers provide unauthorized free power during strike

The Robin Hood-inspired actions powered low-income communities, schools and other places as part of a larger strike against France’s proposal to increase the retirement age.

Source: France24

New window technology harnesses solar energy

Company Ubiquitous Energy plans to eventually roll out the MIT-developed solar windows to homes and offices, transforming the power grid.

Source: CNET

Australia turns to neurodivergent people to fill worker gap

Federal government agency Services Australia focuses on hiring neurodivergent people, including people with autism. Advocates say they can address the skills shortage.

Source: ABC

Red lights combat light pollution’s effect on nature

Blue and white artificial lighting negatively affects animal and insect behavior. In Grand Teton National Park, researchers are using red lights to mitigate the effect of light pollution on insects and bats.

Source: KUNC

Why butterflies thrive in Arizona’s botanical gardens

For southwestern butterfly varieties, urban green spaces, like the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, are a much-needed refuge from climate change and drought.

Source: The Arizona Republic

Artificial bridges allow wildlife to cross roads over tree canopy

Researchers found that monkeys prefer using the artificial canopy bridges to crossing the potentially busy roads below. They hope to find best practices so that more places can utilize the bridges.

Source: Monga Bay

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