Brightline, a mental health startup, is laying off 20% of its workforce

Brightline, a virtual behavioral health company for children, announced a second round of layoffs in less than a year, again affecting 20% ​​of its workforce.

The California company Laid off 20% of its workforce in November, months after the company announced another $10 million increase, bringing total Series C funding to $115 million.

“As we continue to grow our team of therapists, mental health providers, trainers and member caregivers, including the hiring of a new Chief Clinical Officer, dr Myra Altman, In order to meet the growing demand for our services across the country, we have also made the decision to downsize our corporate clients team. This decision was not made lightly for us, and while it is incredibly difficult, it will ultimately allow us to better serve our clients and provide even more families with the mental health support they deserve,” said a Brightline spokesperson Mobile Health News in an email.


Last month, Brightline announced that it was impacted by its third party provider Fortra’s data breach on its file transfer services. The virtual care provider filed nine complaints with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Civil Rights in April, showing at least 964,300 people have been affected so far.

Potentially compromised information includes names, member IDs, addresses, health insurance dates, dates of birth and employer names.

In addition to its $10 million Series C raise in 2022, Brightline received a whopping sum $105 million in grants. It also launched a virtual coaching program for parents and caregivers of children at risk of, or diagnosed with, autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This increase came less than a year after Brightline announced it $72 million in Series B funding.

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