Britney Spears’ Fortune Is Protected By An “Ironclad” Prenup. Sam Asghari Really Should Have Held Out For 10 More Months…

Britney Spears married Sam Asghari on June 9, 2022. Sam reportedly filed for divorce today. So their marriage lasted exactly 434 days.

The relationship must have been pretty bad because, if Sam held out for another 296 days, he would have walked away with a million bucks without any fight. As it stands now, it doesn’t appear as though he’ll get a meaningful portion of Britney’s $70 million net worth.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari (Photo by J. Merritt/Getty Images)

“Ironclad” Prenup

This is Britney Spears’ third marriage. If you recall, she was married to childhood friend Jason Alexander for 55 hours after eloping to Las Vegas in 2004. She was then married to Kevin Federline from 2004-2007. This marriage produced two children, the youngest of which will turn 18 next year. The older boy already turned 18. This is important to know because for the last 16 years Britney has been paying Kevin and the boys $60,000 per month in support.

When she decided to marry Sam last year, Britney was wisely advised to secure an “ironclad” prenuptial agreement. And Sam didn’t seem to mind at the time. Ahead of the marriage, Sam posted the following on Instagram:

“Thank you everyone who is concerned about The prenup! Of course we’re getting iron clad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.”

So what does the “ironclad” prenup lay out?

In the event of a divorce, the reported terms of their agreement entitle Sam to $1 million for every two years of marriage. The amount is reportedly capped at $10 million if the couple somehow reached 15 years of marital bliss.

That’s the reason it would have been wise for Sam to stick it out for another 296 days. It would have at least unlocked a $1 million payout.

The prenup reportedly precludes Sam from receiving a dime of spousal support, but in his divorce filing he did request spousal support and legal fees.

Community Property

When they married, Britney was worth $60 million. Today we estimate her net worth is $70 million, thanks largely to a $15 million book advance and several other music-related business moves. Typically, a prenup would only protect the $60 million net worth she brought to the marriage. Everything earned by the couple in the last 14 months would normally be considered community property, and therefore Sam would be entitled to half the value.

Let’s assume the $15 million book advance was Britney’s sole income in the last 14 months. After taxes and agent fees, that would have been whittled down to around $7 million. Under normal circumstances Sam would be entitled to half that amount, roughly $3.5 million. It’s also very possible, and I think highly likely, that Britney’s lawyers carved out future potential earnings from things like book advances and other music-related business moves to be covered by the prenup.

We’ll keep you posted as more info on this story is released.

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