Bruna Griphao says she reached the “limit” after a nervous breakdown

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Actress Bruna Griphao had a nervous breakdown after the nurse Cezar Black teased her on Thursday night (6/4), who told her to shut up because she was complaining about the Leader’s Test, and had to be supported by the allies of the fourth Desert while threatening to give up from the program.

After losing the Leader dispute, Bruna was not satisfied with her game strategy and complained that her glove hindered her performance. However, the actress’s complaints left Black angry: “No crying”, he fired several times, in an attempt to silence her.

The confusion was understood for some time between the two, with the right to exchange offenses and even new accusations of machismo. Upon returning home, Bruna Griphao burst into tears of stress in the arms of her allies. “I can’t take it anymore, I can’t stand it. I want to send everyone to shit *. What hate, what anger”, she vented in the external area.

The artist assumed that she had reached her limit and maybe it was better to give up. “Sometimes, it’s better to press the button so I don’t freak out… Why did I go fight Black? What a pain in the ass!”, shot Bruna.

Allies Larissa Santos, Aline Wirley and Amanda Meirelles reminded her that she couldn’t give up so close to the final and welcomed her until she calmed down.

In this Friday’s X-Ray (7/4), Bruna returned to the subject and attributed the mistakes made in the Leader’s Test to the stress accumulated within the program. “I was already stressed with a lot of things, with the screams there that seemed to be mocking and we felt it right away. And then, with the thing about my glove, Larissa and I ended up [Santos] even arguing”, said the sister. “I heard the [Cezar] Black mockingly, talking about business there and I started to stress myself too. I don’t even know what I said at the time, I was stressed,” he added.

She then admitted that she is wracked with stress. “It’s just that here we are at the limit, I’m very at my limit. Very at the limit, like, everything. So, I know I made mistakes too, but here it’s very difficult, and now it’s trying to do the best”, he concluded .

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