Bruna’s Space becomes a radio and only plays music during BBB 23 mutirões

Photo: YouTube/Bruna Griphao / Modern Popcorn

A curious phenomenon takes place behind the scenes of the votes on the last wall of “BBB 23”. Facing each other in the final hot seat, the official profiles of Larissa Santos and Bruna Griphao have kept Spaces almost uninterrupted on Twitter. But what is said – or not said – about the two shows very different strategies to face the dispute that will remove one of the two friends from the final of Globo’s reality show this Sunday night (4/23).

While in Larissa’s Space it is possible to see the team concentrated on voting, encouraging each other to hit the target and challenging themselves to establish ambitious standards for voting – such as the first joint effort to compute only 50 votes, launched at 8 pm – , the The situation is completely different in Bruna’s Space.

Bruna’s supporters’ meeting space became a huge AM radio station, playing non-stop pop music on the old “mono sound”. In an experiment to feel the atmosphere of the fans, it was possible to spend up to 30 minutes tuned in, at different times of the day, without hearing even a voice encouraging the vote. The “breaks” in the music schedule only happen when someone asks if they can cast votes on the sister’s profile, between three or four songs in a row without interruption.

The reaction is curious, because on Twitter Larissa’s mutirões opened up a huge advantage against Bruna’s team efforts.

Suspicious with the rumors of “ice cream shops” – Lan Houses supposedly rented for mass voting in favor of Bruna -, which would not be counted in the mutirões, Larissa’s fans act as if they were far behind in the voting.

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