Buggy’s Devil Fruit Powers Explained

By the nature of his Devil Fruit powers, Buggy is pretty much immune to blades and all other slashing and stabbing weapons. He’s not impervious to harm, though; he’s just annoyingly difficult to take down. The Straw Hat Pirates manage to do so by trapping his disjointed bits in cages and assorted containers until he’s nothing but hands, feet, and a head. Oh, and for whatever reason, he can’t telekinetically float his feet — those have to stay on the ground.

Netflix’s “One Piece” also shows that Buggy doesn’t necessarily need to reconfigure himself within any given time limit, as evidenced by the clown spending most of Season 1 as a disembodied head in search of his kidnapped frame. That must mean that breathing and eating aren’t high up on his list of priorities because, well, can anyone really do either if they’re divorced from their lungs and stomach? He does ask the Straw Hat Pirates, who are unlucky enough to carry his head around (it’s a whole thing), for food a few times, but nothing seems to happen when they don’t deliver.

Like all Devil Fruit eaters, Buggy is unable to swim. Ironically, the ocean is their kryptonite — it strips them of all energy and, where applicable, causes them to sink beneath the waves to an untimely death. There’s no official justification for this, but citizens in the world of “One Piece” believe that the sea simply hates those who defy nature’s normal laws. And if anything or anyone was an unnatural abomination, then it would be Buggy the Star Clown. He’s not the most terrifying clown out there, but he’s no Ronald McDonald, either.

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