By defending himself, former president proves to be indefensible

Law is one of those rare cases where lying becomes a virtue. In the criminal branch, great lawyers are graduates in jurisprudence. Genius lawyers are masters in the art of lying. In the jewelry scandal, the untruth is handled with such sincerity that it becomes counterproductive. In an effort to adjust Bolsonaro’s versions to the findings of the Federal Police, the defense reveals that the investigated has become indefensible.

In the penultimate explanation, presented in an embarrassing three-hour statement, Bolsonaro claimed to have mobilized the Republic to recover the BRL 16.5 million jewelry seized at customs to avoid a diplomatic embarrassment, since the package was a gift from Saudi Arabia. At the dawn of the scandal, he said he had been wronged, as he had neither asked for nor received any gift. Afterwards, he admitted that the jewelry would be for Michelle Bolsonaro. Now, he recognizes that he wanted to feel the diamonds.

Guided by lawyers, Bolsonaro said that he did not try to release the jewels “in the big hand”, but through letters. This would reveal transparency and good faith. He failed to display the only acceptable craft according to the guidance of customs inspectors. In it, it would be written, without cleverness or mincing words, that the good belongs to the State. Two other cases with Saudi jewelry jumped from formal documents to Bolsonaro’s private collection. Were it not for the press and the TCU, the objects would still be hidden in a safe belonging to his friend Nelson Piquet. This reveals dishonesty and bad faith.

The drunk and Bolsonaro are oblique characters. Both follow tortuous, biased paths. One, from excessive drinking. Another, from want of rectitude. The sinuosity of the drunk usually ends on the ground. It is expected that Bolsonaro, intoxicated with his own fiction and with the zigzag of lawyers, will collapse in a condemnatory sentence.

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