By ignoring the press, Bolsonaro fans make fun of him at the airport

“Hey Bolsonaro, where are you, I came here just to see you.” But in the end, they didn’t. Hundreds of supporters of the former president went to Brasília airport, this Thursday morning (30), to welcome him after a period of self-exile in the United States. They missed the trip.

Some literally, as they left their cities to celebrate the “myth”, who had taken refuge in a gated community near Disney, to avoid criminal liability after the loss of his privileged jurisdiction. Like the one that would come due to the coup acts of January 8, when his followers vandalized the Planalto Palace, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court.

Following protocol for former presidents, Bolsonaro was escorted from the plane straight out of the airport, using a side exit, without meeting supporters.

As Leonardo Martins pointed out, on UOL, some were frustrated (“Gee, I got here at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. Why doesn’t he want to talk to the people?” and “We were sure he was going to come down”), others accepted ( “They didn’t let him come down here? We didn’t even want him to come here, we were boycotted, we walked. I don’t think it’s his fault”) and there are those who came for the party (“I already knew I wasn’t going to come down here because of security. I came for the party, for the people here”).

The frustrated, who even asked deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, who passed by, “where’s your father?” and “where is Bolsonaro?”, they would not be surprised if they were also informed by the press and not just by social networks and Bolsonarist message groups.

If they hadn’t eliminated the consumption of news from communication vehicles, guided by the president himself, some fans of the former president would have saved expenses and time with the useless displacement. At least the ones who weren’t there just for the fun.

They would know that the Federal Police and the government of the Federal District had established a special security scheme for Jair’s arrival in order to avoid turmoil at the airport. Scheme that was partially fulfilled, since the entry of supporters in the lobby was prohibited to avoid inconvenience with passengers.

In the Folha de S.Paulo record, a Bolsonarist asked at the airport “where am I going to hug my president?”, disappointed with the news that she would not see Jair. She questioned whether the report was “Bolsonarist” because she didn’t want contact with anyone who wasn’t.

In recent days, the column had access to messages from Bolsonarist groups calling on followers to go and receive the myth upon arrival.

It is likely that, if there were no PF security system, there would not be hundreds, but thousands to celebrate the “triumphal” return of someone who stayed outside the country not to organize the opposition, but for fear of being arrested. And now, he returns for fear of losing influence when he saw his wife’s political stature gain body and former allies publicly relativize the possibility of him being established as “the leader of the opposition”.

The presence of many Jair supporters in the airport lobby exposes the existence of a “pocketverse”, a parallel universe in which the ex-president’s flock feeds only on the information he provides.

The scenario that Aviv Ovadya, then chief technology officer at the Center for Social Media Accountability at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), called “Infocalypse” could threaten democracy here, just as it is doing in other parts of the world. world. If you don’t believe in facts and reason and are guided only by falsehoods and emotions, how are you going to make rational decisions involving your life and that of your community?

Connecting this group back to society is critical to having a country. A task that becomes more difficult with Jair’s return.

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