California to ban plastic produce bags, Czech Republic to legalize cannabis, wind turbines capturing CO2

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, California bans plastic produce bags, the Czech Republic is planning to legalize marijuana, and scientists are working on wind turbines that can capture CO2.

California bans single-use plastic bags in grocery stores

A new law passed in California will see plastic produce bags banned by 2025. Stores will now have to use compostable or recyclable paper bags.

Source: The Planetary Press

President Biden plans to electrify school buses for $1 billion

Throughout 2023, nearly 400 school districts are set to receive federally-funded electric school buses as part of a US infrastructure program.

Source: grist

The Czech Republic plans full cannabis legalization by 2023

Czech lawmakers plan to fully legalize marijuana, hashish, and cannabis oil by 2023. This step is aimed at regulating the production and sale of the products, which often end up in the hands of minors.

Source: DW

Durham’s income program shows promise, new data indicates

A guaranteed income program run in Durham, North Carolina, has been vindicated by data showing a reduction in reincarceration levels among recipients.

Source: Wral

Scientists work on wind turbines that can capture CO2

A new, innovative wind turbine has the ability to ‘capture’ CO2 out of the air. The carbon can be reused in cement production.

Source: Euronews

Sand batteries help sustainably power Scandinavian towns

An innovative battery, made from heated, insulated sand, is helping to power northern cities. This technology is both sustainable and efficient, as it is more resistant to the cold than traditional batteries.

Source: BBC

New building in Charlotte, NC fights emissions by removing parking

Studies show that the carbon emissions from driving to a building or parking can be greater than the emissions from the building itself. A new apartment in North Carolina cuts parking to encourage walking.

Source: Treehugger

Remote caregivers can now use Tik Tok to find support groups

Dementia caregivers often struggle to find mental support for themselves, particularly in remote areas. Now online support groups operate through Tik Tok.

Source: KHN

Meet the Millennium Forest: A unique tropical island reforestation project

A unique forest on the tropical island of St. Helena is home to a variety of endangered flora and fauna. The island’s remoteness protects it from human interference.

Source: Monga Bay

From ‘fish people’ to leaders in regional development

Having won a nine-year struggle with local government, Tasmanian Aboriginals will now have free access to the island’s natural resources. Among other things, communities hope to turn commercial fisheries into social impact ventures.

Source: Yes Magazine

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