California’s free prison calls heal relationships, happiness and profits from four-day workweek, Scotland’s giant water battery

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we explore how California’s free prison calls help strengthen inmate relationships, the exciting results of a four-day workweek on employee happiness and company profits, and Scotland’s giant water battery propelling its net-zero goal forward.

California’s free prison calls boost inmate relationships, aid rehab

California’s new law offering free prison calls is mending strained relationships. The policy change has alleviated financial burdens on families and significantly increased communication.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Four-day workweek boosts employee happiness, company profits

In a pilot program conducted across the US, UK, and Australia, the adoption of a four-day workweek led to enhanced employee happiness and a 15% increase in revenue.

Source: Business Insider

Scotland’s giant water battery to accelerate net-zero goal

Scotland has approved the expansion of an underground hydroelectric plant, which is set to help the country achieve its net-zero targets, with the promise of improving energy security and lowering energy bills.

Source: Euronews

St Ives community raises £1M to reclaim and repurpose closed hospital

St Ives residents rallied to raise £1 million, saving their century-old community hospital from being turned into holiday flats, and repurposing it into a wellness hub instead.

Source: The Guardian

India and Bhutan report significant rise in tiger populations

Both India and Bhutan have recorded a notable increase in their wild tiger populations. This is a crucial conservation success amid threats of habitat loss and poaching.

Source: BBC

City-wide clean air schemes offer solutions to illness, child mortality

Leading scientists and doctors advocate for the expansion of city-wide clean air schemes, like Ulez in London, to address traffic pollution. These initiatives are key to reducing illnesses and child deaths tied to poor air quality.

Source: The Guardian

Say hello to longlife tech that can challenge our throwaway culture

We’ve got used to dumping old devices. But a new breed of firms is making products that they hope you will hang on to.

Source: The Guardian

‘Colonial mentality’: from the Caribbean to Kenya, Black people are challenging hair discrimination

Last month, students in Trinidad spoke out after being barred from a graduation ceremony. Yet despite a wave of legislation, there is a long way to go to overturn negative attitudes.

Source: The Guardian

French winemakers embrace ‘vitiforestry’ to mitigate climate impact

Utilising oak and olive trees alongside vines, French winemakers in Vinsobres are enhancing biodiversity and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change on their vineyards.

Source: Euronews

Zimbabwe’s untold stories: women writers break silence

Zimbabwe’s female writers courageously confront the nation’s postcolonial struggles, shedding light on taboo topics through fiction.

Source: The Guardian

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