Camila Cabello looks like Jenna Ortega thanks to new hair

This summer, Camila Cabello is unleashing her dark and sexy side with Wednesday Addams vibes!

The sensational singer rose to fame as a member of girl group Fifth Harmony before spreading her wings as a solo artist. Known for her soprano vocal range and captivating choreography, the 26-year-old is one of the most recognized entertainers in the world.

However, the Cuban beauty recently gave her fans a double take on social media after she unveiled a brand new hairstyle. The “Havana” musician went from pop star looks to embodying Jenna Ortega’s look-alike.

Camila Cabello is sending fans into a frenzy with her uncanny resemblance to Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ star

Over the weekend, the “Cinderella” actress updated her Instagram Page with a carousel of images. The nine-slide post highlighted the entertainer’s recent activities, including darkening her honey-brown tresses.

Camilla Cabello features darker hair and looks like Jenna Ortega

The first snap showed the “Havana” singer holding the camera above her head to show off her new raven hair and risqué outfit. The entertainer rocked her tresses with shaggy bangs and a loose bun, while her toned figure was clad in a summery outfit.

Splashing yellow and maroon, the ensemble featured multiple necklines with elongated fabric that could be tied in front of the bodice. Cabello paired the stunning outfit with a red cleavage bra, mini jean shorts and black sneakers.

The slideshow continued with sweet images of the AMA winner kissing her dog, a screenshot of her Mother’s Day tribute, and a picture of the “Bam Bam” artist rocking her black hair down. There was also a photo of Xochitl Gonzalez’s novel Olga Dies Dreaming and a clip of the media personality in mismatched shoes.

Captioning the photo dump with a black heart emoji, the Cuban beauty garnered over a million likes and numerous comments from her adoring fans. Many noted the similarities between the chart-topper and Ortega, from their dark hairstyles to similar poses.

Camilla Cabello wears darker hair

“You can’t tell me that’s not Jenna,” one argued, echoing similar thoughts with another, who opined, “At first I thought that was Jenna Ortega.” A growing number of social media users questioned her eyesight and wondered if Cabello had posted herself or the Netflix actress.

“Jenna Ortega??” One person mused, while another noted the pictures of the singer captioned, “JENNAS POSE.” One co-proponent of the doppelganger effect explained, “Camila is Jenna’s doppelganger,” while someone else dubbed the 26-year-old “Jenna 2.0” described.

The comments section filled up with more “You look like Jenna Ortega” messages, but one cute fan didn’t forget to give the Billboard Music Award winner a shout out. “I thought you were Jenna Ortega. Oh my god you are so beautiful,” the person exclaimed.

Cabello’s dark-haired debut came weeks after the “Don’t Go Yet” hitmaker reportedly reunited with ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The former flames were spotted setting Coachella on fire with steamy make-out sessions, leading many to believe their chemistry had been reignited.

Camilla Cabello wears darker hair

According to an insider, the fiery PDA moment happened in the music festival’s exclusive VIP lounge for A-listers and wealthy members. After Mendes and his “Señorita” duet singer got together with their friends at the event, they began kissing after a round of tequila.

The dynamic duo’s lusty night at Coachella didn’t appear to be an alcohol-related interaction. A source claimed the exes were “excited to get to know each other again and see where it goes,” noting that they were “very caring for each other.”

The whistleblower’s claims were not far from the truth as the singers enjoyed a late-night stroll around West Hollywood. They were photographed holding hands, while an eyewitness explained that the duo “seemed very happy and comfortable together”.

The fan-acclaimed Jenna Ortega look-alike has been cast in the biopic about the late Robert Peace

Aside from their similar facial features, Cabello’s similarities to Ortega extended to Hollywood as well. In early February, the “Crying in the Club” artist was announced as part of the cast for the upcoming biopic. “Rob Peace.”

The Beano Award winner will appear in the film alongside influential entertainers including actor Jay Will, music icon Mary J. Blige and Hollywood veteran Chiwetel Ejiofor, who also served as director of the biopic.

Reportedly in development, Rob Peace followed the story of the late title character. The Yale graduate led a double life as a cancer researcher and a six-figure marijuana dealer before tragically dying in 2011’s gruesome drug bust.

Cabello will portray Peace’s classmate Naya, while Ejiofor and Blige will play the deceased’s parents on-screen. The film is adapted from Jeff Hobbs’ best-selling 2014 biography, The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League.

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