Can GOP’s DeSantis Win 2024 Election Without Backing Down from Mickey Mouse? | Wayne Dupree

In order to secure the 2024 election, a number of Republicans have voiced the opinion that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida – one of the leading contenders for the GOP presidential nomination – would be wise to put aside his ongoing legal battles with Walt Disney World. Indeed, several prominent voices within the party have suggested that doing so would be a savvy political move, enabling DeSantis to distance himself from controversy and focus on more pressing matters at hand. Whether or not these appeals will be enough to sway the governor’s opinion, however, remains to be seen.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) thinks DeSantis has sparked a political fight that voters won’t find alluring when making their final choice on the ballot. 

“It appears like this is a game of tit-for-tat between Disney and DeSantis in the governor’s office. Even state lawmakers are starting to scoff, saying things like, “This is ludicrous.” Steube said, adding that state senators opposed one of DeSantis’ proposals because “DeSantis is using us, the legislature, as an instrument for a political vendetta against Disney.”

Steube praised DeSantis for taking on the woke mob and accused Democrats of using the federal government as a tool to advance their progressive agenda, but he also referred to his battle with Disney as a “cat and mouse game.” 

Steube did commend DeSantis for exposing Disney’s woke agenda targeting kids, claiming that he accomplished it by exposing the company’s progressive propaganda.

Despite agreeing that the governor’s spat with Disney has dragged on for too long, a Republican strategist said DeSantis is now in a precarious position where he must win the conflict or risk alienating prospective supporters. 

“I believe that DeSantis’ altercation with Disney is how he first came to public attention. The analyst told The Hill, “I believe his issue right now is that he needs to win it, and it’s not obvious that he can keep raising the stakes. 

DeSantis resisted these assaults though, pledging to remain in office and not let woke businesses continue brainwashing kids. 

Some of these Republicans are criticizing me because I resisted Disney. You really think that? I shall thus stop here: We condemn the sexualization of minors. Anyone who tries to deprive us of our innocence will face combat from us. There will be no giving up on those values. DeSantis’ declaration that “we will never give up” caused a throng in South Carolina to get to its feet and applaud. 

The governor’s battle with Disney demonstrates his willingness to take initiative and stand up for what’s right when times are tough.  

The court battle between the two sides started after Disney opposed DeSantis’ infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which forbade discussion of LGBTQ+ topics in the school without parental permission. The corporation’s self-government over Reedy Creek Improvement District was subsequently abolished by the governor. 

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