Can I use WhatsApp Business for personal purposes?

WhatsApp Business, an application aimed at companies, has some unique features that can be used personally; see advantages and disadvantages

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WhatsApp Business is the version of the messenger adapted for merchants and company profiles. However, the amount of unique features is a big draw for users, who might consider the app for personal use.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp Business for personal use?

There is no application guideline that prevents a person from converting their account to WhatsApp Business. The most important detail about the change is that it is not possible to use the same phone number simultaneously for a common and a business account: to use Business, you will need to leave the traditional version, and vice versa.

wanted by canaltech, WhatsApp has stated that there is no restriction on the personal use of the Business version. “It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp Business was really created with the needs of small businesses in mind”, ponders the company. “Users who don’t own a business can continue to use their WhatsApp Messenger account for free to chat with friends, family and businesses.”

Upon registration, the app imports the contact name and photo into the messenger, with the option to add the company’s opening hours and other forms of contact. If you have backed up your personal account, you can import chat history. When someone starts a chat with you, WhatsApp will display an on-screen prompt to reinforce that it’s a business account.

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What are the advantages of using WhatsApp Business as a personal account?

As already mentioned, WhatsApp Business is accompanied by several exclusive functions to facilitate the management and exposure of companies on the platform. With the exception of opening hours and menu items, some of these can also be incorporated for personal purposes.

Among the most outstanding advantages is the option to tag conversations with tags. The feature allows you to quickly catalog and identify all messenger chats, with options to separate between professional contacts, family, friends and other customizable ideas.

In the visual part, the highlight is the cover photo: unlike the traditional version of WhatsApp, it is possible to add a banner to the profile and display it in a format similar to that of other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

For conversations, the app lets you create automatic messages. Want to send that good morning message to the groups? Just use a shortcut and send the content quickly. Also, WhatsApp Business may take up less storage space than the regular version of the app.

What are the caveats of WhatsApp Business for personal use?

The change also has some disadvantages. Between the two apps, the update frequency may be different, so people using conventional WhatsApp may receive some news before those using Business.

It is worth taking care with the configuration of the profile: the accounts do not offer so many privacy features, such as the option to hide the photo or the message of the account from strangers. Also, if you fill in address information, your number may be exposed in other users’ searches for nearby businesses, which could put your security at risk.

If you work autonomously and need the messenger for professional contacts, there is still the problem of not being able to use two accounts with the same number. In this case, it is possible to resort to ways to use two WhatsApp profiles on the same device, resort to a virtual chip or even create a Business account with a landline number.

Can I convert WhatsApp Business profile to personal account?

Yes. In case you didn’t enjoy the experience or want to go back to the personal version of WhatsApp, you can perform the login process in the conventional application to convert the account. However, it is not possible to migrate chat history.

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