Cappelli’s challenge is to remake GSI as a state agency, not a government agency

When evaluating the appointment of Ricardo Cappelli as interim head of the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), the columnist for UOL Madeleine Lacsko considers his biggest challenge to be making the agency work in favor of the State, and not the interests of the government.

The structure of the GSI became very politicized. This can not happen. It has to be a state thing, not a government thing. Finding out how the structure will be is a challenge not only for Cappelli, but also for the Lula government. It became clear that the GSI is not working even to provide security for the President of the Republic. Madeleine Lacsko, UOL columnist

In participation in UOL News, Lacsko criticized the lack of clarity in defining the scope of action of the GSI and the Armed Forces. For the columnist, this confusion has made a decisive contribution to the politicization of the body, making any restructuring work more difficult.

There is a problem in the nature of the GSI action. In our democracy, we did not have a legal description to differentiate the performance of the Armed Forces from institutional security. It gets mixed up. The problem is not being careful with institutionality. What is the role of the GSI? If whoever gives the command politicizes, the political affiliation of whoever is below matters little. Madeleine Lacsko, UOL columnist

Maierovitch: Cappelli needs to professionalize GSI and remove the ‘dictatorship widows’ from Abin

Wálter Maierovitch highlighted that one of the main missions of Ricardo Cappelli, appointed as interim head of GSI, will be to professionalize the body. In addition, the columnist pointed out that the new commander also needs to remove the remnants of the dictatorship from the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).

Most of the ‘dictatorship widows’ went to Abin. What was fixed? Anything. There, a nucleus of those who were against redemocratization was created. I hope that Capelli’s work is well done. It’s okay, yes. What you can’t do is average. It’s time to go professional. One thing is an organ of the State and another, of government. Wálter Maierovitch, UOL columnist

Tales: Moraes starts wanting to become a new Sergio Moro

Tales Faria condemned Alexandre de Moraes’ statements about Gonçalves Dias and saw something beyond the lines. The columnist compared the case of the STF minister to that of Sergio Moro and raised the hypothesis that Moraes wants to follow in the senator’s footsteps, launching himself into a political career. Faria warned of the risks of Moraes “being bitten by the blue fly of power”.

our minister [Moraes] is starting to want to become a new Sergio Moro. Why did Moro act suspiciously in his lawsuit? Because he was bitten by the blue power fly and thought he could have more power. I’m starting to get an extreme suspicion that Moraes is trying to run for something. We have to be careful not to create gods. If we let Moraes become the great Moro of the STF, we will be in trouble. Tales Faria, UOL columnist

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