Captain Sandy’s Biggest Below Deck Regret

Captain Sandy Yawn deeply regretted what she said, particularly as a leader and a professional. She further told US Weekly, “I’ve been a captain for many years [and] those were the terms we used. So [in terms of] evolving, I would change my terminology for sure.” 

In addition to this, there was also a moment when Fraser Olender almost lost his job. She said, “There was a moment [where I considered firing him]. Absolutely. Because listen the walls are thin and [it is important to not] jump on their bandwagon. Change that narrative. That’s your role as the superior here.”

The fans of “Below Deck” couldn’t help but share their reactions to the feud. In a Reddit discussion, people were divided on the drama and claimed that both of them messed up, but the general consensus was Yawn was a toxic boss. 

Although she was being tagged as a bad leader, she recognized the power of her crew. Yawn added that the interior team members are under the authority of the chief stew, so she let them solve the issues themselves. Yawn stood by her refusal to get between the crew members, she explained, “If you need help, ask me. But until then, I stay out of it. I will only help if I see that the client is suffering in service.”

Post source: The List

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