Carlos Bolsonaro experiences ’emotional instability’ for fear of arrest

Rio de Janeiro councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans) is experiencing a period of “emotional instability” due to the fear of being convicted and arrested for the practices of cracking, according to the investigation of the columnist for the UOL Thais Oyama.

Last week, experts from the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro delivered the last expert report that contains the path of the money used to pay the ghost employees.

This report is crucial for the Public Ministry to decide whether or not to file a complaint against Carlos Bolsonaro. This could turn the former president’s son into a defendant in court.”

Let’s remember that, of the political sons of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Carlos is the only one who does not have privileged jurisdiction because he is a councilor”.

In the post in which he announces that he will no longer take care of his father’s networks, he says that he is being treated like a “rat”.

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