Caroline Jansen’s “The Salon am Rosenplatz”

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Caroline Jansen’s novel “Der Roman am Rosenplatz – Frauen wie wir” is set in the 1960s, but is unfortunately too long, says our reviewer Beate Rottgardt. © Rottgardt

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Caroline Jansen describes her fate in “The Salon am Rosenplatz – Women like us”, the first volume of a two-part series. Gisela is the head of the hairdressing salon that she took over from her father.

Two years ago she lost her beloved husband who died after a heart attack. She doesn’t want to show her sadness openly. Not even her daughter Marianne and her younger sister Ruth, both of whom also work at Salon Fellbach.

Sister dispute escalates

Business is no longer doing particularly well, also because Gisela steadfastly refuses to agree to innovations. Marianne dreams of working as a saleswoman in a clothing store.

Ruth tries in vain to modernize the salon. The fight between the two sisters continues until tragedy strikes at the store. And until Marianne is discovered as a model and moves out into the big wide world.

Too many lengths

Ruth falls in love with Gisela’s competitor Rainer Kronewinkel, whose modern salon is attracting more and more customers.

An initially promising story from the recent past, which unfortunately has far too many lengths in the course of the novel.

Historical novel

Caroline Jansen: The salon on Rosenplatz – women like us, 320 pages, Ullstein, 11.99 euros, ISBN 978-3-548-06650-9.

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