Cars involved in accidents on Werner Strasse

Police operation

Wrecked vehicles are the remains of a wild ride through Bergkamen.
Wrecked vehicles and a trail of destruction are the remnants of a wild ride through Bergkamen. © Stephanie Tatenhorst

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The police control center cannot say exactly what happened on Werner Strasse, even an hour after the incident. We’re still gathering information. That would last into the night.

However, eyewitnesses told the editors of a “bad chase”. A car would have overtaken her “at 200 things”. Three vehicles would have been severely damaged in accidents.

In fact, Werner Strasse was completely closed on Tuesday evening due to an accident. Two vehicles were more than demolished on the side of the road, at least one of which had thrown over the curb and sidewalk and had partially torn down the boundary wall to the property of a house.

Stephanie Tatenhorst
A car came to rest wrecked on the sidewalk and half hanging on a wall. © Stephanie Tatenhorst

A resident of the house who was not involved had to be looked after by the rescue service. The accident on the doorstep shocked the person.

According to the fire department, no one was injured in the crash of the cars, and everyone could have freed themselves from their vehicle.

When you look at the deployed airbags and the demolished vehicles, as well as the traces of oil and splinters on the road, it borders on a miracle.

Werner Strasse had to be closed for more than an hour near Bobby’s workshop. Buses had to turn, trucks backed up in the gas station area. At times nothing went between Bergkamen and Kamen.

Stephanie Tatenhorst
The side airbags deployed in an Audi. He too came to a halt in front of a wall. © Stephanie Tatenhorst

Who was followed by whom, where the journey led and how long it lasted is not yet known.

We’ll keep you posted.

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