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Luz is only five months old, but she already has a story of abandonment and violence to tell.

The cat was found dragging itself on the ground, unable to move its hind legs, at a place in Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo. She suffered a spinal injury after being attacked by dogs.

An independent protector rescued her and asked for help with the Adopt Cats Bauru project, which welcomed the kitten in May.

“We had just donated Pudim, a paraplegic kitten, and we couldn’t take the case. Also because we are a cat donation project, not an NGO. We don’t have financial help, except for the donations and raffles we make “, says Bruna Correa, one of the group’s volunteers.

But how can you close your eyes to a kitten crawling on the floor? Those responsible for Adopt Cats Bauru were unable to do so and endorsed the rescue.

Luz was taken to the clinic of veterinarian Fabiana Sargasso, who found that the kitten was only three months old and had a spinal injury.

“Luz arrived with paresis of the hind limbs and with retention of feces and urine, as the lesion in the region of the spine left her without sensation”, says Sargasso.

As an attempt for Luz to be able to recover her movements, she started doing physical therapy – which includes exercises, stimulation with electrodes, laser therapy and ozone therapy – once a week with veterinarian Ágatha Christal.

Because Luz is still a puppy and very good to undergo the treatment, she has already shown a good evolution. Sargasso says that she can already control pee and poop and also balance with her hind legs, standing up.

In order for the condition to progress, the veterinarians recommend that the sessions start to be held twice a week. Therefore, the volunteers ask on social networks for help to pay for the treatment.

“Currently, we spend R$ 550 per month with weekly sessions. If we do it twice a week, the price goes to R$ 880 per month”, says Bruna.

In addition to expenses with Luz, who is living at the veterinary clinic to receive all the care she needs, the Adopt Cats Bauru project is now responsible for 20 cats that are in temporary homes waiting for adopters.

“But we cannot turn our backs on Luz at this very important moment, when she is showing so many evolutions”, says Bruna.

Adopt Bauru Cats

The Adopt Cats Bauru project emerged in 2020 on the initiative of Karen Marques. She says that, one morning, while her boyfriend was washing the motorcycle in the garage, he noticed a strange movement in the neighborhood.

Firefighters were next door trying to pull out two kittens that were trapped in a car engine. The rescue was successful, but the kittens were abandoned in a thicket right in front of where Karen lives.

So she and her boyfriend went there to try to help the cats. “It took almost three hours to find the female and then almost three hours to find the male”, says Karen.

At first, the idea was to put the kittens up for adoption, but she ended up keeping them herself.

With the love she developed for the pets and with other cases of rescues, Karen decided to create an Instagram profile, Adopt Cats Bauru, to forward homeless felines to new families.

“I was alone in the project for a long time, but little by little I started to connect with other people. Today there are five of us and, even so, everything demands a lot of dedication. The work is completely voluntary and we have practically become an NGO, but without that status. Our focus has never stopped saving and changing lives,” he says.

To learn more about Luz’s story and learn more about the project, visit the Instagram profile of Adopta Gatos Bauru.

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