Cat opens her mouth to eat from a ‘little plane’ and goes viral – 05/16/2023 – Gatices

A cat that opens her mouth while waiting for the tutor to give her the treat, as if she were a baby receiving baby food from a “little plane” with a spoon, has gone viral on social networks in recent weeks.

The feline is Poong, a 9-year-old cat who lives in South Korea. Contrary to what it seems at first glance, she was not trained to eat like that. In fact, the kitty has a neurological problem that compromises her movements, so she needs to receive food in her mouth.

Poong’s tutor says on her Instagram profile that the symptoms started a little before the kitten turned two years old, but the veterinarians were unable to specify which disease she has.

For a more detailed diagnosis, the feline would need to undergo an MRI exam, but in her case, the procedure could cause seizures or even death.

So she decided to take care of the cat in the best possible way, within the motor limitations she has.

Poong is spayed and lives with two other cats, Junie and Dukie.

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