Ceni indicates that Luan no longer plays for São Paulo until he renews his contract: ‘Learning with Igor Gomes’

Leader speaks of ‘expense ceiling’ to meet demands made by the player

One of the biggest surprises on São Paulo’s related list for the goalless draw against Ituano, on Tuesday night (11)in the first leg of the third phase of the Brazil’s Cupit was the Luan steering wheel.

Luan posted a photo on social networks alongside others not related by Ceni (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Luan posted a photo on social networks alongside others not related by Ceni (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Photo: Lance!

The number 8 shirt was left out of the game by decision of coach Rogério Ceni. And in the changing rooms after the game, the coach pointed out that he made the decision on his own, due to the difficulties encountered by the club in extending the player’s contract, which expires at the end of the year.

– With regard to Luan, there are others who were not called up today, but it is a question on my part, from what I see. We would like him to renew with São Paulo. He was injured for a long time, came back slowly, had a lot of opportunities during Paulista. I think about preserving. It’s not the direction’s order, it’s better to define this situation. He wants to stay, he will stay, he will have opportunities.

Among the reasons given by Ceni for taking the action was to save the association. And he cited as examples two recent cases that still cause internal repercussions in Tricolor: midfielder Igor Gomes and defender Luizão. Both left the club for free at the end of last year after deciding not to renew their bonds.

– For me, this decision is easier because it preserves São Paulo. Last year, we had the case of Igor Gomes and you said ‘wow, he played until the end’. I think we can reflect and evolve. Maybe it was wrong. So let’s wait, when he decides and things settle down, who knows, maybe they can reach an agreement and it can be used. It’s my decision, not the board’s.

– I’ve already talked about Luan several times, about several things. I think he can help the club a lot. I just want this case to be resolved. The club is making an effort to keep him. I think it’s better to resolve the situation because last year we had cases of players who played until the end of their contract and left the club. The ideal thing would be to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, it is important for the club – completed the coach.

Cut from those listed, Luan went to Morumbi to watch the match alongside other athletes who could not play, such as Moreira and Gabriel Neves (injured), as well as Raí Ramos, unable to defend Tricolor because he had already played in the competition for Ituano himself.

Luan will be able to sign a pre-contract with any club from June. And according to Carlos Belmonte, São Paulo football director, an agreement between the parties seems far from happening.

– We made three to four renewal proposals to Luan and at the moment, we are negotiating for the renewal, which is not something simple due to the player’s desires – said the manager to ‘Radio Transamerica‘.

– The athlete has his aspirations, they are the aspirations of values ​​that he intends and we have our limits and spending ceilings. We are still in the negotiation phase – completed Belmonte.

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