Cezar Black reveals he is planning a strategy against Ricardo

The nurse had a conversation with other BBB23 participants

in conversation with Aline Wirley, Amanda, Larissa It is Bruna Griphao, Cezar Black revealed that it is drawing up a strategy against Ricardo.

Cezar Black at 'BBB 23'.  Playback/Globe

Cezar Black at ‘BBB 23’. Playback/Globe

Photo: Marcia Piovesan

“Ever since the quarters were formed, it’s always been this: either you play with me, or you don’t”began the brother.

Cezar Black plans a strategy against Ricardo

Amanda then countered: “We asked you if he’s playing in a group, and you said: ‘I’ll say he’s playing in a group’“.

Black stated: “I had this doubt, if there was a double game. It’s just to remove this doubt”. Then Larissa said: “It’s not a double game, he doesn’t know what our vote is. I think he entered the room because of the Angel”.

Larissa, in turn, pointed out:

“None of us tried. He wanted to know if he wasn’t going to get angry with us. He wanted to do a social, like: ‘I don’t want to disturb yours, you can vote for her (Domitila) in 3 days’. It was more or less that vibe.”

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