Chamber shacks challenge Darwin, not Dino

The Bolsonarist parliamentary militia elected Flávio Dino as their preferred opponent. Annoyed by the Minister of Justice’s effort to remove weapons from circulation, they requested his presence in the Chamber twice in 14 days — once at the Constitution and Justice Commission, another at the Security Commission. The sessions ended in an argument. Disqualifying themselves, Bolsonaro supporters qualified the minister. They challenged Darwin, not Dino.

By turning Dino’s arguments into a shack in the Justice Committee, the most important in the Chamber, Bolsonaristas and government supporters seemed determined to prove that human beings have stopped evolving. This Tuesday, by converting the session of the Security Commission into a recurrence of the downfall, the deputies showed that, in fact, they are already making their way back.

The attempt to hear Dino in the Security committee was suspended due to lack of security. Interruptions to the minister’s speeches led to the exchange of insults and profanity. Bolsonarist Paulo Bilynskyj said that the option for disarmament makes Lula equal to Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro. It was echoed by Eduardo Bolsonaro. Dino considered the comparison improper.

Disarmed by the Supreme Court, Carla Zambelli shot the government-backed Duarte Júnior with a “go take it in your ass”. Duarte called Deputy General Girão, who demanded “respect”, “old”. The two brushed against the breastplate when they were pulled apart. Deputy Márcio Jerry said that he heard from Federal colleague Gilvan an invitation to resolve the differences “out there”, in the arm. As he left, Dino heard a chorus of “run away”.

When it was just a Neanderthal, the hominid had a larger braincase. But it didn’t have the language of parliamentarians, although the grunts were similar. The purpose of evolution was to give humanity a voice, a name for things, and a plot for the universe. Maintaining the current climate, an original monkey will soon burst into the plenary of the Chamber to ask the 513 deputies: “Was it worth it?”

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