Charles’ coronation: These are the German guests – and that is the schedule

“King Olaf” is sometimes not part of the party. SPD Chancellor Scholz is not on the rather exclusive guest list for the coronation of Charles III. on Saturday. But the Federal President comes for that. MOPO reveals which other German guests have the rare honor.

2200 people, that sounds like a pretty wild and huge party at any “normal” celebration. But when someone is crowned with the British crown for the first time in over 70 years and the guests are spread among the crème de la crème from 203 countries, then it is something special to be invited. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be there as the German head of state. Other German guests are more astonished.

Ursula von der Leyen is still relatively expected as a member of the exclusive coronation club. However, less as a representative of Germany, but in her function as EU President. She told the “Bild”: “I’m looking forward to the event. King Charles is a pioneer for sustainable management and the protection of nature. “The CDU politician also revealed that she will wear a dress from “Hobbs” – coincidentally also Princess Kate’s favorite brand!

Motsi Mabuse: The royal couple is a fan!

Much more unusual, but no less fashionable, is juror, dancer and “Let’s Dance” star Motsi Mabuse. Especially since the 42-year-old with German and South African citizenship is even involved in the preparations for the event. She is helping to put together a 300-strong choir for the supporting program.

Fun fact: King Charles and his Camilla have been real Motsi fans for years. The reason: Not only in Germany, but also in the United Kingdom, she acts as a juror on the successful TV show “Let’s Dance”. Apparently, the royal couple met Mabuse personally during their state visit to Germany in March – was the choir plan also made there?

German relatives are also coming

Royal fans will remember: Charles gave a speech in fairly respectable German in the Bundestag at the time. The Windsors are known to have kinship among local noble houses. Which of course will also be represented.

The Saturday schedule: At 7 a.m. German time (UK: 6 a.m.), the route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey will already be open to onlookers. ARD starts broadcasting at 9:30 a.m. From 10.30am, guests of state and members of the royal family will arrive at Westminster Abbey. Charles and Camilla march in at 12 noon. The coronation will take place at 1 p.m. But the most important moment – and the only one not captured by the TV cameras – takes place shortly before: Charles’ anointing by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The English royal family is closely related to the House of Baden via Theodora, a sister of Charles’ father Prince Philip. This will be represented on Saturday by Bernhard von Baden (52), who will probably come with his wife Stephanie Anne Kaul (56).

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Philip Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (53) is also invited – he is Charles’ great-nephew. And Heinrich Donatus Landgrave of Hesse (56) is allowed to come because he is the great-nephew of the late Queen Elizabeth II and the great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria (†1901). (km)

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