Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre: They are working together again after falling out

Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre
They work together again after falling out

Suddenly pretty best friends again?  Charlie Sheen (right) and Chuck Lorre.

Suddenly pretty best friends again? Charlie Sheen (right) and Chuck Lorre.

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For Chuck Lorre’s new series, the “Two and a Half Men” producer reunites with his nemesis, Charlie Sheen.

Even the most optimistic fans of the series probably didn’t expect that these two brawlers would find each other again. As the US industry portal “Deadline” reports, Charlie Sheen (57) and Chuck Lorre (70), who once made the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” a success, are supposed to be doing things together again. Accordingly, the television producer and screenwriter as well as the actor are working on a series called “How To Be a Bookie”, which is in the making for the new streaming service Max.

Although Sebastian Maniscalco (49) will take on the leading role, Sheen is said to have a recurring role in the comedy series. The collaboration would end a feud between the two men that had lasted for around 12 years. In 2011, and at the height of the success of “Two and a Half Men,” verbal blunders from Sheen led series co-creator and producer Lorre to square his lead actor. From the beginning of the ninth season up to the series finale of the twelfth, Ashton Kutcher (45) was seen alongside Jon Cryer (58) and Co.

Sued for $100 million

In the meantime, there was even a lawsuit between the two show greats in the amount of 100 million US dollars, which had long since resolved in favor. For some time now, the often choleric Sheen has also been working on himself and also expressed his regret at how he behaved in the context of “Two and a Half Men”. With success, as the latest report seems to prove.

“How To Be a Bookie” will tell about a bookie (Maniscalco) in distress. New laws regarding the legalization of sports betting, unstable regular customers and last but not least his own family should increasingly get on his nerves in the sitcom. It has not yet been revealed what role Sheen will play in it. In addition to Lorre, the idea also comes from Nick Bakay (63), who has already worked as a screenwriter on “King of Queens”.


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