ChatGPT costs more than BRL 3.5 million a day to operate, says analyst

One analyst claims that OpenAI spends around BRL 3.5 million to keep chatGPT running, and the cost would be even higher with GPT-4

April 25
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ChatGPT should cost more than $700,000 (R$3.5 million) a day to run, pointed out the chief analyst at semiconductor research firm SemiAnalysis, Dylan Patel. OpenAI’s conversational chatbot requires an insane amount of computational performance to meet the demand of users around the world, and Microsoft wants to reduce that cost.

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“Most of the cost is around spending on the servers they need,” said the analyst. Now with the availability of GPT-4, maintenance must have become even more expensive, since his assessment considered only the chatbot using GPT-3, the older model of the OpenAI platform.

The training alone costs tens of millions of dollars, but the expenditure on the operational part and inference costs (data processing) are much higher, Patel and another analyst at SemiAnalysis, Afzal Ahmad, told the Forbes website. “In fact, the costs to infer ChatGPT exceed the costs of training on a weekly basis,” they said.

Microsoft wants to make operations cheaper

To make model activity cheaper, Microsoft apparently develops specific hardware for data processing with artificial intelligence. That would be the role of Athena, an AI-optimized chip reportedly in development since 2019, the year the company closed a $1 billion deal with OpenAI.

There are about 300 Microsoft employees focused on the project, but it would not be released to the general public: it would be used exclusively by Microsoft and OpenAI to power their products with AI as early as 2024, The Information website pointed out.

Source: The Information, Business Insider, Forbes

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