ChatGPT in Germany: Minister of Labor Heil against the ban on AI

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Changing the world of work through AI: That’s what Hubertus Heil says

04/29/2023, 13:32

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Hubertus Heil does not expect jobs to be destroyed due to artificial intelligence.

Hubertus Heil does not expect jobs to be destroyed due to artificial intelligence.

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Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil expects a major change in the world of work through AI, but no loss of jobs.

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil expects a rapid change in the working world through artificial intelligence (AI). However, he does not assume that jobs will be destroyed. “Individual jobs will be lost, but many new ones will also be created,” the SPD politician told the “Tagesspiegel” on Saturday. “According to everything we know and can collect, we as a society will not run out of work in the future,” added Heil.

In many respects, however, the labor market would change. The experts in the ministry predicted: “From 2035 there will be no more jobs that do not involve anything AI He has to do with the shortage of skilled workers.” Heil sees “a huge potential in artificial intelligence that we have to fully exploit”.

ChatGPT: Hail to a ban on the AI ​​chatbot

Heil has also clearly opposed a ban of the chatbot ChatGPT pronounced in Germany. The text machine is currently causing a stir. There are also concerns that such AI-based technology could be misused to spread false information, for example.

“I think bans are the wrong way,” Heil told the “Tagesspiegel”. However, the SPD minister pleaded for transparency artificial intelligence (AI). People need to know what data these learning systems are being trained on, he said. “This not only prevents conspiracy theories, but also prevents the systems from producing undesirable results.”

As an example, Heil cited artificial intelligence, which is used in personnel selection to find the most suitable candidates. “If the systems with wrong data are fed, it becomes problematic,” said the Labor Minister. Italy lifted a temporary ban on ChatGPT on Friday after the US company OpenAI implemented requirements to protect users.

ChatGPT is a learning system that, with the help of artificial intelligence, can, among other things, create texts that hardly differ from fonts written by humans. Users can specify individual commands or sentences, which the system then supplements independently using huge amounts of data from the Internet. (oli/dpa)

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