Cheetahs relocate to India, ‘bubble barriers’ stop plastic pollution, free beer for sober teens

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Cheetahs are being relocated to India, “bubble barriers” stop plastic from entering the sea, and a Belgian town fights teen drunkenness with beer.

South Africa and India collaborate to relocate cheetahs to national park

Cheetah’s disappeared in India around 70 years ago. Now South Africa will provide the Asian nation with more than a hundred of it’s own cheetahs to populate national parks.

Source: Reuters

Bubble barriers used to catch plastic before it enters the sea

A Dutch startup has developed a method to ‘catch’ water-borne plastic waste before it enters seas or oceans, using an innovative perforated tube. The technology is set to be implemented in other European waterways/

Source: positive news

An underwater bike garage unclutters Amsterdam’s streets

A hidden, 7000 bike capacity garage hides out of site in Amsterdam’s waterways. Residents can store their bikes there at no cost for 24 hours. The goal is to make inner city travel easier by allowing locals to travel part of the way by bike, then store it.

Source: The Guardian

New bowel cancer treatment method cuts return rate by up to 28%

Bowel cancer has an unusually high return rate for patients. Now a new treatment method has been found to be effective at causing the cancer to go into remission.

Source: The Guardian

New app lets Londoners keep track of air quality on the underground

Tanya Beri has developed an app that she hopes will help citizens and researchers alike understand the levels of air pollution in the London underground and direct passengers to routes that offer minimal air pollution.

Source: The Guardian

This app helps truck drivers stay awake while driving

An app developed in India helps prevent fatigue-related collisions among truck drivers by incentivising safe driving and giving warning when it detects that you need to rest.

Source: BBC

California seed bank helps preserve endangered flora

California Botanic Garden works with researchers and volunteers to gather endangered seed samples from all over the state. These are then grown in a safe environment to preserve them for the future.

Source: KCRW

A social enterprise that connects farmers to finance

Nuup works with Mexican smallholders to help them work with potential financiers and promote sustainable farming methods. It hopes to spread its strategies to other organizations.

Source: Pioneer’s Post

Engineering students create a robotic hand for classmate

Hendersonville High School students designed and built a robotic hand for a new classmate as part of their coursework. It was built over 4 weeks, using 3D printed materials.

Source: BBC

Belgian town rewards young people who arrive to parties sober – with beer

In an effort to combat youth drunkenness, the Belgian town of Balen has developed a program where partygoers can get free beer if they show up sober.

Source: BBC

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