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Cheryl Burke has officially moved into her new home!

Less than two weeks after announcing that she was selling off her home of over one decade, the professional dancer has followed through. She shared a tiny snippet of the new house she moved into after taking fans on a ride to the location.

Cheryl Burke Took Fans Through A Few Rooms In Her New Property

Burke will be stepping into September in style, as she has made true her intention to change her address. Taking to Instagram, she posted a reel that showed her talking to her 733k followers while driving towards the location of her new residence.

“I was a little upset and depressed yesterday. I was thinking to myself, ‘what the heck did I just do.’ Basically, the movers moved as much as they could — it took them a week,” she began in the video, where she wore a white Adidas baseball cap, a checkered shirt, and a pendant necklace. 

After recalling that one of the movers claimed that he had “never seen so much stuff” in his entire career, the “Dancing with the Stars” alum swore that she is not a hoarder. She then explained that she was “about 90 miles away” from her abode, adding:

“Nothing in life..that I’ve experienced at least…when [making] big changes never felt comfortable. Never felt safe and never had fear be brought up in my body. But it’s not the type of fear where I know it’s wrong. This is the type of fear where I know it’s right but it’s scary.”

Burke flipped the phone around to show her fans the view of the long, winding road before her as she divulged that she planned to spend her first night in the house. Mere seconds after she shared that, the 39-year-old’s video landed on the name of the movers’ truck and then went into the house for a quick look around.

In the house, multiple items are seen strewn on the floor or other available spaces, including the kitchen counter, depicting that she was not done with unloading. The “Dance Moms” star moved from showcasing the master bedroom to showing off her “cute” backyard, the mirrored cabinets, the “huge guest bathroom,” and her kitchen.

“Congratulations it’s Beautiful. I hope all you’re dreams come true for you in your new Adventure in Life,” one fan gushed in response to the Instagram post. A second viewer shared, “Your new home looks beautiful, i wish you all the happiness in your new place,” and a third quipped, “Maybe they need to change their name to one week movers lol.”

As mentioned above, Burke’s relocation comes less than two weeks after she shared her intent to do so. The Blast noted that she had positioned herself in front of numerous moving boxes for the big announcement, which saw her saying:

“I’m saying goodbye to my home. I’ve been here for 16 years, and with that comes a lot of stuff. [I’m] overwhelmed, and I don’t have a lot of time, guys. I mean, a 30-day escrow.”

Cheryl Burke at the 2023 Gold Meets Golden 10th Anniversary Year Event

The post also included a look at the treasures she uncovered while packing up her stuff, like the compact discs that she and her “DWTS” co-stars used to rehearse and old newspaper clippings featuring her and her dance partners.

The Primetime Emmy Nominee Marked Her Birthday In Solitude & Peace

Burke ushered in her 39th birthday in May, uploading a series of content that highlighted how she supposedly spent the day. Per The Blast, the first slide was a picture of her and her dog hanging out by the ocean and the second was a video where is heard explaining:

“It’s been interesting living 39 years. This is the first time I have decided to be alone and do me, and do what makes me happy. And for sure, what doesn’t make me happy is stressing about prepping for a party and all of that.” 

Burke pointed out that since the ocean in the background feeds her soul, she opted to celebrate her big day there with “peace and love in my heart and ease.” Additionally, the “I Can Do that” contestant emphatically clarified that even though she was alone, she was far from lonely. 

She concluded, “I owe it to myself. Love you guys. I’m so grateful for all of you for continuing to support me. Happy May.”

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