Children and youth at climate summit, three-in-one facility for students, Barcelona’s bicibús

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, children and youth take a ‘seat at the table’ in climate negotiations, a new workspace in Cleveland guides students from the nation’s poorest school district to well-paying careers, and kids in Barcelona say goodbye to school buses in favor of a more sustainable commute.

For first time, youth take official ‘seat at the table’ at COP

The children of today and future generations will bear the brunt of the worsening climate change impacts. Being given a COP platform means young advocates can participate in policy discussions and promote cutting-edge initiatives.

Source: Euronews

New Cleveland workspace seeks to lead students to well-paying careers

The new manufacturing center, located in the nation’s poorest school district, houses a factory, museum, and classroom.

Source: The 74

More sustainable kid commute hits the road in Barcelona

Hundreds of kids in Barcelona have said goodbye to school buses. That’s because of Bicibús, an initiative driven by two passions: biking and education.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Brazil’s incoming president expected to bring back Amazon-saving policies

A momentous win for Brazil, home to the Amazon, as it elects a new president who vows to save the world’s largest rainforest. Reports say deforestation in the Amazon soared during the term of incumbent Jair Bolsonaro.

Source: CNBC

Delhi-based organization offers free medical checkups to daily wage labourers

Hundreds of daily wage workers who struggled with healthcare expenses get access to free checkups on the streets of Delhi thanks to an organization devoted to help the underprivileged.

Source: The Better India

Improved solar cells set the stage for power-generating windows

Make way for Grätzel cells. These are low-cost solar cells that can convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently than commercial photovoltaic panels.

Source: Euronews

Star Trek for potatoes: can a hi-tech farm save french fries from the climate crisis?

Researchers flock to New Brunswick, Canada, to test both cutting-edge and bygone methods of spud cultivation to meet a challenging future.

Source: The Guardian

It’s ****ing big and it’s ****ing clever: why swearing makes you fitter, happier and more persuasive

A new scientific paper has confirmed the power of curse words – and not only to shock.

Source: The Guardian

To address nursing shortages, education moves closer to aspiring nurses in rural Maine

The shortage nursing crisis in the United States is seen to last until 2030, data say. To boost the workforce, a community college in Maine brings education closer to nursing students who cannot afford commuting costs.

Source: The Hechinger Report

Groups assist parents overwhelmed by their baby’s incessant crying

Many new parents may not know this, but there are organizations dedicated to assisting families with newborns who cry excessively. Home-Start, Cry-sis, and Crybaby Outpatient Clinic are among the groups offering support to stressed-out moms and dads.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Louisiana dads prevent bullying and violence in schools

In the US city of Shreveport, 23 students were arrested after school fights. Now a group of volunteer fathers patrols the corridors and playgrounds to prevent violence and provide positive male role models.

Source: BBC

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