Children’s hospital treating social-economic wellness, Toronto’s bike mayor, albatrosses detecting illegal fishing

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a children’s hospital in Colorado supports families with school, food, and rent; Toronto’s bike mayor makes cycling more mainstream, and albatrosses help detect illegal trawlers.

This children’s hospital is treating social-economic wellness, too

Kids’ health is impacted most by life outside a doctor’s office. Therefore, a Colorado children’s hospital not only treats physical complaints, but also helps families get fresh food, rental assistance, and help with school supplies.

Source: Colorado Sun

How Toronto benefits from its bike mayor

Amsterdam-based global NGO BYCS has 150 “bicycle mayors” across the world. In Toronto, Lanrick Bennett is boosting the work to make cycling more mainstream and helping children ride to school.

Source: Treehugger

Can sunken basketball courts protect citizens from superstorms?

An old basketball court in New York is about to become a centerpiece of the city’s efforts to adapt to severe rainfall caused by climate change.

Source: grist

A tiny endo-microscope could spot breast cancer cells forming

A new device less than 1mm in diameter is designed to be inserted in the human body and produce images of tissue with ‘unprecedented speed’.

Source: The Guardian

Rather than an endlessly reheated nuclear debate, politicians should be powered by the evidence

A renewable-dominated system is comfortably the cheapest form of power generation, according to research.

Source: The Guardian

Forest restoration in the age of climate change

Tools such as returning diversity to forests could reduce the possibility of wildfires in the US Southwest.

Source: Ensia

Non-profit in Cameroon recycles electronic waste

Targeting the typical model of electronic waste scrapyards in Cameroon, this NGO is about creating an alternative, sustainable solution to e-waste.

Source: Africa News

The Kenyan woman upcycling old computers to educate children

Leading the next generation of computer whizzes, this program uses equipment that would otherwise have been discarded to teach its pupils.

Source: Africa News

How a South American surplus led to a heap of free avocados in Philadelphia

It could have been a food-waste debacle. Instead, an agile network turned it into a bounty for all — and inadvertently reinvented a food system.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

How albatrosses are used to track illegal fishing

A French researcher developed a new way to track illegal vessels by attaching radars to albatrosses. And in New Orleans, old oyster shells are being put back in the ocean to protect the shoreline.

Source: BBC

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