Chile fights desertification with fog nets, coal makes an exit, kangaroo care for premature babies

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about how a rural Chilean community is harvesting half a million liters of water from the air per year, the continuing phaseout of coal across the US, and Colombia’s innovative method to help premature infants bond with their mothers.

Chile communities defy Atacama desert expansion with fog nets

The nets are able to harvest approximately 500,000 liters of water annually, helping locals revive the mountain region’s vegetation and adapt to drought.

Source: Monga Bay

Number of coal-fired power plants plummets in the US

The US energy sector’s dramatic pivot away from the CO2-heavy fossil fuel is happening faster than predicted – and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Source: grist

Venues are harnessing body heat to create clean energy

By sustainably capturing energy released from dance floors, clubbers and gig-goers are sustainably powering a growing number of nightclubs and concert venues.

Source: reset

Detroit university develops program to help dropouts finish what they started

Wayne State University’s new initiative offers former students the opportunity to re-enroll and have forgiven some of their student debt.

Source: Metro Times

Teens can now proactively block their nude images from social media

With teen sextortion cases on the rise, Take It Down allows minors to report and remove non-consensual content before it’s circulated online.

Source: ArsTechnica

Plastic wet wipes on track to be banned in England

The move comes as part of a series of measures designed to tackle water pollution in a country where no river or waterway is considered clean.

Source: BBC News

Germany launches €49 universal public transport ticket

Whilst easing the cost of living and helping Germany hit its climate targets, the initiative also hopes to encourage people to make the switch away from cars.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Baltimore introduces focused deterrence approach instead of police intervention

The city’s solutions-oriented Group Violence Reduction Strategy offers support to potential shooters and victims in lieu of law enforcement.

Source: AP News

Novel restoration project brings oyster population back from the brink

New research suggests that 3 million new oysters are living along Brisbane’s coastline, thanks to a volunteer-led artificial reef project.


GPS collars are giving Sumatra’s last wild elephants a fighting chance

The surveillance tech is helping to prevent violent incidents between elephants and humans – with not a single clash recorded over the past year.

Source: Rest Of World

Skin-to-skin ‘kangaroo’ care is saving Colombia’s premature babies

Instead of lying in an incubator, babies are wrapped tightly against their mother’s skin – reducing pressure on overcrowded units and helping infants thrive.

Source: BBC News

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