Chloe Veitch shows off her long legs by the pool in her tiny bikini

Model Chloe Veitch has the time of her life by the pool in her tiny bikini!

The Netflix reality star, who has appeared on three of the streamer’s reality shows to date, has been candid about her “healthy” weight gain over the summer and her fans are loving it!

Nothing stopped the reality star from wearing a bikini this summer and showing off her long legs to show her followers that she is living her best life!

Chloe Veitch teases her long legs in a tiny bikini by the pool

Chloe Veitch teases her long legs in a tiny bikini by the pool
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

Over the weekend, the Too Hot To Handle beauty proved that she is by sharing two photos of her living her best life by the pool in a tiny bikini. She wears a knitted tan bikini halter top that shows off her sun-kissed skin and matching black bikini bottoms. She holds her bikini bottoms by her sides with both hands as she looks down and away from the camera through her square sunglasses.

Her long dark hair is tied at the back as she rests beside the pool, one bare foot tucked into the side of her leg to show off her matching manicure and pedicure. Even though it’s a hot day outside, the pool seems mostly empty. A guy can be seen behind her getting out of the pool, but it looks like Chloe decided to take a dip sooner as water droplets can be seen on her slender legs, which are flaunting a sun-kissed summer tan.

Fans are loving seeing Chloe happy this summer!

Chloe Veitch teases her long legs in a tiny bikini by the pool
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

In the caption of this Instagram post, Chloe teased, “Legs 1 1” but the second photo didn’t allow fans a glimpse of her legs. Instead, she was seen lying on her back in the water taking a selfie. She smiles at the camera through her square sunglasses while her dark hair falls in her face. Her torso is up to her neck in water as she tries to stay cool and brave the summer heat.

Even though Chloe has been open about her “healthy” weight gain, fans still took a moment to comment… and praise her for it! “Yes, no, she has gained weight. She is happy. She’s sexy,” one fan commented. “Thanks,” Chloe replied. However, another follower asked, “If she’s really happy about the weight gain, why is she holding her breath to make her tummy look flat?” Why????”

Some fans are questioning Chloe’s pose amid her ‘healthy’ weight gain

Chloe Veitch is 'happy' to gain weight in her blue bikini
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

“What’s the point?! She’s posing – nobody looks that comfortable when she’s sitting comfortably…” another user responded to the comment. “Oh shut up,” another fan snapped back. “It’s pretty obvious that we get tummy creases when we sit, even if we’re not fat. Why can’t people be natural now?” asked another user, though Chloe didn’t respond to that comment.

Luckily, most of the comments were positive. “You are so beautiful inside and out. I respect you so much you are amazing,” one fan commented. “Beauty queen,” wrote another follower. “The second picture is of my face when I dip my toes in the water and the temperature is perfect,” agreed another fan. “The second picture is very relatable,” agreed another follower.

Chloe’s fans fell in love with her ‘energy’ during ‘Perfect Match’

Chloe Veitch at the Love Is Blind S4 reunion
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

“Gorgeous,” gushed another fan. “I think you’re all in an 11, not just the legs,” teased another follower. “Stunning beauty,” agreed another fan. “I fell in love with your energy watching the perfect match. Thoroughly healthy content,” shared another follower. Speaking of the perfect match, Chloe’s ex-boyfriend, The Circle alumnus Mitchell Eason, also posted three rocket emojis on her post.

Chloe and Mitchell were dating prior to their appearance on Perfect Match. During the show, Chloe began dating Shayne Jansen from season two of Love Is Blind; However, she left him to establish a connection with Mitchell, leaving Shayne embittered and causing him to leave the mansion for a time. That being said, Chloe realized that Mitchell hadn’t changed since their split and she was able to reunite with Shayne after he returned to the villa.

Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen are no longer together

Francesca Farago and Chloe Veitch tour the Perfect Match mansion in bikinis
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

Shortly after the show wrapped, Chloe confirmed to People magazine that she and Shayne were no longer together. “I feel like there was sparks in the air when I first met Shayne. I felt like Netflix brought me and him together because they knew we would be perfect,” she said. “And I was so lost in that hope. I was in love with the idea of ​​being in love and I was obsessed. And once the road got a bit rocky and I had to make certain decisions to bring Mitchell in to see if something would happen to him.”

She continued, “And when it didn’t, I was like, ‘No. You know what? My gut tells me Shayne. There were moments when he couldn’t accept that and he needed some reassurance. And I’m the number one comforter because I know how it feels. But we ended up fighting quite a lot and towards the end I felt like you were a perfect match for me.”

Interested in more Chloe Veitch content? In another recent Instagram post, she nibbled on a cherry while flaunting her “Catwoman era.” Fans can check out these hot snaps by clicking here! Fans can also read Chloe’s comments on her weight gain – and why she’s “happy” about it – by clicking here.

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